Should you roll on the Stain, The Hero Killer banner in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

The villain Stain, Hero Killer, has arrived in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. You will have a chance to pull from its banner from July 7 to 20. That’s plenty of time for you to try your luck trying to add him to your hero collection and earn his tokens to increase his overall strength. In addition to being the new character to play, should you try to throw behind Stain during his banner, or should you stick to a stronger choice later?

Stain is a speed-based character who needs to rush his opponent and stay as close as possible. He has only one remote ability, which has a hefty cooldown. Primarily, you want to keep Stain focused around the enemy, and the longer he stays in combat, the more passives he stays active. Most of his set consists of staying in combat, increasing the base speed of attack and juggling the enemy during combat.

Stain is effectively good for the right player. It has excellent PvE rotation while controlling it, which makes it easier to clear some of the more difficult levels and allows you to crush almost everything you need for it or for other characters. When it comes to PvP, it is a “hit-and-miss” experience. If you plan to use it, you want to have it in the second or third slot, with an impressive combined character in the first. Stain is quite effective when you can exchange it for a battle, leaving no distance between it and its target. Due to how close he prefers during the battle, some players could find balance. It’s similar to playing Aizawa.

Overall, we recommend Stain for players who prefer close combat when fighting other heroes. Stain doesn’t have all the AoE damage that All Might has, and it doesn’t have the support for which Endeavor has become infamous, but Stain’s offensive power, speed, and critical power make him an exceptional choice.

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