Should you attack Balak or let Balak go to save hostages in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

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When you arrive on Asteroid X57 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you must act quickly to download the jets projecting the object onto the planet below. You have to close three, and once you do, you’ll find yourself face to face with Batarian, who was in charge: Balak. He seeks justice against the people who expelled the Batarians and wants him punished. Before you can arrest him properly, he will give you an ultimatum to stop him or decide to let him go and save the hostages.

Decision X57

Should you attack Balak?

If you decide to attack Balak, you will have to face his several guards. Before you start fighting, you get 25 Renegade points and the hostages can’t do it. It’s a simple shootout with a handful of enemies you have to fight, but nothing you’ve faced before. When you defeat Balak, you will have the opportunity to end it yourself, or you can allow the Alliance army to have it.

Should you let Balak go and save the hostages?

If you decide to allow Balak to escape to concentrate on rescuing the hostages, you will receive 25 Paragon points for the decision. The pack escapes and you have to disarm the bombs scattered throughout the room. There are three and they are guarded by several security drones who will monitor you. You want to remove them when you are moving in a large room. Once they are disarmed, you can talk to Kate Bowman, the woman who helped you with the operation, and make sure the hostages are safe.


In Mass Effect 2, they are more atmospheric in that you can hear small news stations talking about an asteroid that almost hit Terra Nova when you have completed the mission. If you decide to save the hostages, they’ll talk that Balak is still big, and Bowman will send you an email. If you attacked Balak, Terra Nova would be a memorial service for those who perished on X57.

In Mass Effect 3, there is a mission called Batarian Codes that contains Balak if he escapes and you rescue the hostages. If the hostages die and you go to see Balak, another Batarn is playing this role.

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