Should Captain Anderson break into Udina’s office or go to Citadel Control in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

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With the Citadel-based Normandy, you can’t continue fighting Saren and interrupt him on Ilos in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Fortunately, Captain Anderson will contact you to meet him at Flux, a local club on the Citadel. He shares with you a plan to remove the ship’s lock to get you and your crew out of here. He will introduce you to the opportunity to go to Udina’s office on Embassay to turn it off, or to attack the Citadel Control tower. Although the results of these elections are the same, some small details change.

Burglary in Udina’s office

By breaking Udina’s office, Anderson will be confronted by Udina. The meeting will not last long. Anderson lands a hard blow to the side of Udine’s jaw before lifting the lock and allowing Normandy and her crew to fly to Ilos.

Attack tower of the Citadel

This one is a little more dangerous to Anderson. He attacks the tower and gets into a short fight with C-Sec security. He fires to his side, but still completes the mission and allows Normandy and her crew to fly away.

Entering Udina’s office is the best of the two, as it offers the lowest level of risk for Captain Anderson. There are extremely few consequences, even if Anderson is shot by C-Sec security, so you can make whatever decision you want.

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