Resident Evil Village Varcolac | And two other optional bosses you might have missed

Resident Evil Village Varcolac And two other optional bosses you may have missed

It hides around every corner Resident Evil Village is a secret waiting to be revealed. And while there are a lot of secret booty, there are a few optional bosses like Varcolac and the giant brothers of the butchers, who have an ax to hunt as well.

These arguing opponents either appear in their new spaces or to punish you for being too comfortable when you return to areas you consider safe.

Here you can dance tango with several optional bosses in Resident Evil Village that you may have missed.

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Resident Evil Village Varcolac

After the sun begins to set in your Resident Evil Village adventure, chase the Fallow Plot in front of Luiza’s house, Varcolac is as scary as they come.

When you carry battle scars with more than a few scratches, you’ll need to clear some serious ordinance that will take it down as soon as it appears after the Moreau section.

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The best solution is to lure Varcolac up the stairs at the bottom of the churchyard and set up a chokepoint with mines.

The animal doesn’t seem to want to go much further than these stairs, so you can go to town with a magnum, shotgun and grenade launcher to pull it out.

Resident Evil Village Giant Crystal Ax Brothers

While Varcolac is a unique enemy, you can actually fight the second major optional boss twice.

Basically, it’s just huge men – a bit like the head boss of Urias – who tirelessly rush you through the powerful swings of their giant ax.

The first one appears in front of Claudia’s grave north of the village when you go to pick up the treasure for the dolls.

While the other appears in Otto’s mill, he massages the meat in the barn.

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As with most boss fights in the game, the best strategy is to retreat and lead the bosses over the mines, then unload them with a grenade launcher and shotguns when they get too close.

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