Resident Evil Village Part 14 | Well Puzzle, Otto’s Mill, Stronghold, and Urias Boss Fight

Resident Evil Village Part 14 | No Puzzle, Otto’s Mill, Stronghold and Urias Boss Fight

With three of the four noble houses in Resident Evil Village defeated, everything that stands between Ethan and the meeting with his daughter is the last lord.

However, before you take advantage of the subscription offer, you now have several new optional side paths. These will provide you with a good supply of Lei and food so you can spend upgrades for the ending.

Or you can follow the signs northeast to the fort right away. Whatever you decide, back at the Duke, you can see some new items and upgrades.

We will first go through the optional side paths before moving on to the fort.

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No puzzles and fish

First, using the handle, you can now lower the drawbridge on Lone Road to the left of the duke and get the items on the other side.

Get on the boat at the end of the pier and go forward. Get off at the end of the valley and you are back at the foot of the castle.

On the left is a crank bridge that leads to a well with a secret inside, while on the right it leads to a double door.

Take the bridge on the left, walk through the house and use the Well Well to the well.

This reveals a ladder with a secret puzzle at the bottom. You have to climb to the right and then move the lights on the console to get your way across.

Press the upper left button, then the upper middle button, then go to the other side of the room and push the cart up to get to the other cart in the middle.

Now push the truck onto the platform from the side. Then you can use this cart to climb to the other side.

You get explosive bullets from a crate, magnum ammunition, flashbangs and a large ruby ​​blood ruby ​​in your chest.

Combine that with a single hole necklace and you have the whole shebang. This makes him Dimitrescu’s necklace, which is worth a huge amount of Lei.

Return to the drawbridge. Then go inside the double door on the right and you are in another secret area.

Shoot the pan towards the unlit columns and the door will open to the left and right.

This will release the werewolf, but will also give you access to some ammunition on the right and lei on the left.

Werewolves will always be born on the right, and have you noticed that nothing falls on them?

All you have to do to open the door upstairs is bring the werewolves to the burning hearth or shoot at it to light it, and then bring the burning wolf to the pillar in the last room to light it up.

You will get a statue of a golden lady and complete the treasury on the river bank.

Return to the ship and go down to the drawbridge. Walk around the pier and down the canyon to the bottom. Get off at this new pier and drive left.

The pool is full of fish and you will find the best fish according to the duke’s recipes.

The path on the right leads to a cave with another base operation with a pile of ammunition and antique coins that you used to unlock bonuses in Resident Evil 7.

The holster also has recoil that reduces grip on the shotgun.

Return to the ship, then to the drawbridge and the duke. Now go straight to Maiden of War and Graveyard.

Now there is a black goat from which you can harvest meat, and then go to the six-leaf door around the upper right of the cemetery.

On the other side is a sign with the words “good luck” and the road on the left towards Otto’s mill.

Otto’s Old Mill

To get the treasure of Cannibal looting, first head to the mill.

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In front of the mill, the door is locked on the right, so you wade through the stream on the left to the gate, from which you can cut off the padlock and grab the object from the box next to it.

On the other side of the gate is a crystal fragment, a pig from which meat is harvested, and on the left a few mines and ammunition for a pistol.

When you’re ready, go through the door to the mill.

Go through two more sets of doors and then into a larger room.

Here you will find a large gentleman who pulls a giant ax and grinds some bones to make bread.

Prepare a grenade launcher, magnum and other powerful weapons – you will need them to eliminate him. Next, place some mines on the floor to guide him through.

When you start a battle, you will be rushed ruthlessly. You will have to try to keep it under control with explosions and shots to the head.

After suffering some damage, some spouts will come to complicate it, but if you keep leading him down the mine and hitting him with a shotgun, sniper or magnum blast, he will fall.

When they are defeated, search the mill. Small arms, snipers and explosive ammunition are located on the first and second floors.

Then go to the far wall and pull the three padlocks out the door.

Inside is meat, poultry, fish and scrap metal.

Walk down the hall and you will find Father Nicola’s angel in your chest – this is Cannibal’s loot.

Take the remaining loot and unlock the door to get back out, and now head towards the sign of good luck and take out the Lycans who were interested in the commotion.

Now you can either return to the duke, store your food and sell your prey. Or go to the cave next to the Good Luck sign and at the top of the stairs you are in an area of ​​forbidden forests.

Northern fortress

As you go deeper into the forest, you will be attacked by a pack of lycans. Methodically discard them with any weapons you have available. The sniper rifle is especially useful in this open area.

Collect the rusted scrap on the right and then push it forward into the forest.

There are more waiting lycans, so shoot first and start the encounter to eliminate all three.

Then there are two more who will start shooting arrows at you with battlements.

It is best to shoot them with your own sniper rifle and then get to the destroyed fortress.

The boxes around you contain sniper ammunition to replenish your supplies, and then collect mine, scrap and ammunition from the courtyard ruins.

Take the outer path to get higher in the wreckage, but be prepared to deal with up to 6 lycans that appear.

Upstairs, search the edges of the sniper and firearms area, then go up the stairs on the left side of the locked gate and pull the lever.

When you pull the lever, there are absolutely a lot of lycans, use your sniper again – who will shoot them down in one hit and there are explosive barrels dotted around.

After completing the two waves, climb the ladder to the right and pull this lever.

The door now opens and you can proceed to the fortress.

Go through the double doors and then collect the boxes and supplies from the courtyard in front of you. A storage point is also available.

Before you go any further, look to the right and there is a jewel from the stairs that you can shoot.

Then go up the spiral staircase and walk down the corridor to the main fortress.

Inside the lair, keep to the right, then go a little ahead around the road and a load of lycans will appear.

Do your best with this part, because it’s really dark and really annoying – so much that I’d even consider increasing the brightness.

We are talking about a ridiculously large amount of lycans, so just behave in the corner and methodically remove them with a sniper and shotgun.

Alternatively, you can go through this part, over the zipwire in the upper left corner and fly over.

Don’t bother going down to the lower floor, there are a few shots, but nothing worthwhile.

After zipping, go up the stairs to the left, then up to the right and go to the other side of the room.

A lot of lycans will follow you here, so turn left and shoot the archery lycan.

A metric pile of guys appears around him, firing a grenade or pipe bomb at them to thin the herd. When they’re downstairs, you can walk through the door behind them.

On the other side, take the ammunition and gunpowder from the armor and then go up the stairs to the right.

On the descent you will find scrap metal at the bottom right and then a goat.

Push through the gap before storing in the typewriter, then collect first aid drugs, explosives and sniper ammunition.

Push deeper into the caves and then lower the ledge into a more open cave.

Urias Boss Fight

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A huge guy drops a hole in the ceiling right at the beginning of the game: Urias.

It is very similar to fighting giants such as cannibal’s prey and Beneviento’s treasure. Liberally use explosives and shots to the head to keep it far enough.

Unlike those guys, however, it passes through as if nothing was happening, so you have to stay mobile and walk past your legs if you get into a corner.

When he jumps back on the raised platform and yells, he summons a Lycan friend. Shoot them immediately with your handgun to prevent them from complicating things.

When he jumps off the platform to hit him with a hammer, he jumps under him, towards the platform, and you should avoid any damage.

After being hit by enough pipe bombs, mines and explosives, he falls and drops a crystal hammer.

Search the room where you are short of supplies and continue to the now open door on the right.

In this crystal room you can shoot all the sparks and collect fragments of crystals.

There is also a large crystal and yellow quartz.

Take the stairs on the other side of the crystal chamber and then approach the TV table.

Go down another set of stairs behind you and your goal will change and you will return to the duke’s altar, where you can insert the body flasks.

However, before you leave, the last optional treasure – the treasure under the fortress – is on the left in front of the ship.

With that in hand, get in the boat and go forward. When you get out, you will be under the yard next to the church.

Before leaving, go down the stairs to the left on the ladder. Here is a secret room to search. Before you find a pipe bomb and some grenades, there’s some money, some chemical fluid, then some interesting notes about Lady Dimitresco.

Return to the ladder and defeat a few ghouls along the way, then head through the gates in the courtyard of the church back through the village to the duke.

In the next part, we will insert the flasks into the altar!

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