Resident Evil Village Food Locations | Where to find Fish, Juicy game

Places to eat Resident Evil Village Where to find Fish, Juicy

Kill monsters Resident Evil Village he has a hungry job. That’s why, along with his less usual supplies, your business friend The Duke offers to prepare a hearty meal for Ethan – if you can bring him ingredients.

Along with regular cuts Fish, poultry and meat, you can find special foods throughout the village.

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These are unique items used to get the best bonuses Duke’s Kitchen has to offer, including health enthusiasts, increased movement speed and increased blocking efficiency.

Of all the ingredients, they are fish, The best fish, juicy game and quality meat that you will have trouble finding enough – so we will focus on where to find them.

Poultry and meat can be found in various places throughout the village – especially meat, which is much more than you will need for every fan in the game.

  • Village Resident Evil | Where to find special foods
  • Where you can find Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village
  • Where to find quality meat in Resident Evil Village
  • Where you can find the best fish in Resident Evil Village
  • Where to find fish in Resident Evil Village

Village Resident Evil | Where to find special foods

At Resident Evil Village you will find three special foods: Finest Fish, Juicy Game and Quality Meat.

You should collect hidden photographs of each special animal to reveal their location, but in reality they appear right after completing part of the castle and you can harvest their food without taking a photograph.

Where you can find Juicy Game in Resident Evil Village

The juicy game is collected from Strange Bird, which is located in the cemetery next to the Maiden of War statue in the middle of the village.

From the Maiden of War statue, look up and left at the tree behind the small mausoleum.

You should see a blue bird in the branches. Shoot it down and you will have a Juicy Game that you can cook in The Duke’s Kitchen.

Where to find quality meat in Resident Evil Village

Right at the beginning of the game, you will visit a villager named Luisa’s house. To get there, you walked through an area called Fallow and met a young woman and her father in a small house.

Return to this house by passing the cemetery, around the church and the eel.

Exit the rear window and you will see a white pig next to the well. Briefly, become a real monster in all this and kill the pig to get quality meat.

Where you can find the best fish in Resident Evil Village

To collect the best fish, you must have completed the part of Moran Moreau’s game and find the handle.

Go to the Lonely Road between the duke and the ceremonial site, then lower the drawbridge over the river and get into the boat.

Immediately turn the boat around and go down to the bottom of the river, get off at the pier you will find.

Turn left and you will find a small pool with golden catfish, which gives you the best fish.

Where to find fish in Resident Evil Village

When it comes to common fish, you can find a piece next to the aforementioned Finest Fish – but there are three other places to look.

First, there is a tunnel in the tunnel between the house you passed through when you first left the castle and the ceremony venue. It’s just before you got the winged key to the old woman.

There is also a hidden side trail hidden in the Moreau section, which will give you 4 pieces of fish.

When you finally get to the boat along the mining part, you will set off on a short drive to the pier and a small tent.

Before entering the tent, look to the right and walk along the cave path here.

At the end you will find two large catfish, which will give you two pieces of fish.

Finally, you can get another piece of fish in Otto’s mill after you beat the mini-boss, who is ironically very big.

This happens along the Moreau section, where you can take the side road to the Mill before heading to the Heisenberg Fortress.

First beat the boss, then break the locks on the red door next to where they worked. Behind the door you will find various pieces of meat, which you can kindly stuff in your backpack.

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