Resident Evil RE: Verse open beta coming to consoles and PC next month

Resident Evil RE: Verse open beta is coming to the console and PC next month

Capcom confirmed it Resident Evil RE: Verse is going to open a beta version in April and will be available for PCs and consoles.

In the new update official site of the Japanese Resident Evil, Capcom announced that the Resident Evil RE: Verse beta will be available on consoles and PCs (via Steam) in April.

As with the closed beta earlier this year, anyone who wants to participate will need a Capcom ID, and you will have access to the test from April 7 to April 10 if you sign up for the service.

Beta begins 11:00 PM PT, 2:00 AM ET (April 8), 7:00 AM UK (April 8)and you will be able to pre-load from April 5.

Resident Evil RE: Verse, if you need a quick catch up, is a free multiplayer shooter with every copy of Resident Evil Village sold, which sees six players involved in a deathmatch that allows them to mutate into various Resi monsters to win.

If you accidentally played a closed beta version when it was available, you won’t need to download a new client or file. You can read everything you need to know closed beta notification here.

RE: You will be able to play the version correctly when it is launched together with Resident Evil: Village on May 7, and if you want to see the specifications of the PC Resident Evil Village, just click on the link.

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