Red Dead Online infamous bounty guide: the last Initiate

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It seems that criminals never understood that they were just making more enemies by being criminals. Sure, they can rob and kill as much as they want, but eventually someone will want to rob and kill them. This is the case of the last insider tormenting Strawberry, which players will have to save before being delivered to the rope. This way you can save and then capture the last initiate.

Pick up a prestigious bounty hunter license

To launch one of the infamous Red Dead Online rewards, players must collect a prestigious rewards hunter license. For 15 gold, this license will give players 10 additional positions as a reward hunter, access to several new legendary rewards and access to all the infamous rewards. To pick it up, go for any reward in the west.

Tracking insiders

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When you begin your search for the last initiate, you will first be directed to their last known place. Since the rest of their gang ended up in custody, it should come as no surprise. Follow the trail and eventually you will reach an abandoned campsite with a corpse like a lone inhabitant. Examine the body and find that it is one of the initiates. A path appears from the corpse so you can follow your target.

Capture the initiate

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At the end of this trail, players encounter a camp full of Skinners. Prepare to fight here, because you will have to evacuate the camp and it is known that Skinners will come a dozen. Choose a good hiding place and get ready, because there will be a lot of enemies that need to be taken down. Also watch your hips, as some Skinner run with knives or machetes and can be deadly at close range.

Once all the Skinners are down, you can shoot the initiate out of his cage. Free the lone survivor and load him on your horse. You’ll take him back to Strawberry as a reward, but you’d better drive fast. Once charged, enemies will start multiplying and chasing you. Outrun them or overcome them to keep your reward safe.

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