Red Dead Online infamous bounty guide: The Butchers of Benedict Pass

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Bringing in four criminals is always more lucrative than bringing in just one, and reward hunters at Red Dead Online can look forward to closing the infamous Butchers of Benedict Pass. After capturing two other gang members, the last four decide to put together and hold on. They know little that it means that players have an even higher paycheck, which they look forward to when they bring them. Here is an example of how you can take the last of the Butchers of Benedict Pass.

Pick up a prestigious bounty hunter license

Before starting any infamous reward, players will need a prestigious reward hunter license. For 15 gold bars, this license gives players access to all the infamous rewards, as well as several legendary new ones. As a bonus, players will also receive 10 additional levels as a bounty hunter to earn XP. A prestigious bounty hunter’s license can be purchased on any reward deck in the West.

Chase the butchers

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Due to the strength in numbers, the Butchers are not afraid of hiding. That’s probably why the game will direct you directly to Fort Mercer once you start this reward. But before you even start, you’ll want another player with you. This is one of the hardest rewards in the game, not because you have overcome it, but because there are four goals and they are all prone to escape. First, make sure you have at least one other player with you. Then pull out your car with rewards, because you will drag four criminals into prison.

When you’re ready, head to Fort Mercer. The best strategy is for the player with the prison car to approach from the front, while the next one goes to the side entrance to the fortress. The player on the side will face some resistance, but will only have one bounty target to face. The driver of the car, on the other hand, will have a much harder job.

The player will not be able to simply break into the front door. Instead, pull to the side of the fort and look inside, as a machine gun is waiting for you. Take them out and then laser all the targets you see when no one is shooting at you. It is also recommended to drink some moonlight for additional health before running, as you will be able to refuel a few shots while tying rewards.

Deliver the butchers to Tumbleweed

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Once all the rewards are tied, clear the fortress and then load them on the rental car. From here, it’s an easy ride. Enemies will not pursue you and you can take your rewards to your ultimate goals.

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