Red Dead Online getting new “criminal underworld” missions this summer

Red Dead Online Acquires New “Crime Underworld” Missions This Summer

Red Dead Online players can look forward to a new game update.

Rockstar has announced plans to launch a new update at Red Dead Online this summer.

This update will add new missions around the world for those who want to enter the “criminal underworld”.

You head to Saint Denis, where Lieutenant Angel Bronte, Guido Martelli, tries to create his own criminal network. Whether it’s intimidation, crime, or high-stakes robberies, you’ll do anything to earn some hard-earned “blood money.”

Until then, you can look forward to the beginning of next week with eight new plants, which are located in five states.

This includes races across the Gaptooth Breach border base, the mining town of Annesburg and even the Lagras swamp.

There will be new standard races along with new open races, where it’s up to you to determine the best way to go through all the signal fires on a given course.

You will also be able to try new target and open target races, where the goal is to eliminate the target control points with a bow and arrow on horseback.

All of these new races will be available to all Red Dead Online players on May 25th.

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