Red Dead Online: Blood Money summer update arrives July 13 with plenty of PvE content

Red Dead Online: The Blood Money Summer Update comes on July 13 with lots of PvE content

The long-awaited summer update for Red Dead Online is less than a week away.

Rockstar confirmed it today Bloody money is a previously unveiled summer update for Red Dead Online. The free update, which is available on July 13 on all platforms, mainly adds robberies in homesteads.

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These opportunities, available in the five states of the game, are offered by Angel Bronte’s right-hand man, Guido Martelli, who urges you to obtain private bonds – known as Capitale – that should not end up in the wrong hands.

The Blood Money task includes new called missions Crimes, picked up Martelli ‘s contacts around the world. By committing these crimes, which include robberies, detention of coaches, kidnappings, debt collection, etc., you will get information on where you could find the Capitale. The same valuables can also be found organically in the Free Roam, for example on homesteads or camps.

Blood Money missions are solo playable or work with other players. Collect enough Martelli’s Capitale and unlock Opportunities, the first of which is available at startup, the other two will be available later.

As Rockstar described, the opportunities are “sent to Martelli’s plan to suppress a rising Lemoyni senator who is disrupting Bronte’s operations throughout the region.”

“Every opportunity can reveal different approaches to the task – listening to conversations in the area or looking for important goals that will reveal new ways to complete and weaken the position of this politician by bringing each of the West’s three jewels to Martelli, notification adds.

The July 13 update also introduces a new type of season card: Quick draw club. Rockstar calls them “fast missiles” that will come in successive installments in the coming months. Each pass costs 25 gold bars, with 25 rows earning.

Finally, PC players with a Nvidia RTX GPU are happy to know that the fix for next week adds support for DLSSfor both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

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