Raven may be planning to reduce lens flare in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk 84 map

Raven may be planning on the Verdansk 84 map Call of Duty: Warzone to reduce lens flare

AND Call of Duty: Warzone developer at Raven Software indicated that the studio will work to reduce solar flare Verdansk 84.

After receiving complaints from players about the inclusion and intensity of lens flare in Verdansk ’84, a developer from Raven suggested that the studio explore a solution to correct the brightness on the map.

Players have complained about the brightness since Verdansk 84 came to Warzone at the beginning of season 3, some lamenting that the change in brightness is too drastic when running indoors / outdoors and others notice that it gives the snipers more coverage because their reflections are obscured. in bright light.

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As Eurogamer noted, one Raven employee acknowledged the problem and suggested that a fix might be in the way.

In response to a user shared article Dexerto, Raven Software’s leading VFX artist, Reed Shingledecker tweeted: “I can easily ease it if necessary.”

Developer he continued to say, “I seem to know what I’m doing on Monday. I’m happy to look and address any VFX concerns. Thanks for feedback.”

As for what changes can actually be made in the short term, Shingledecker explained that “haze, divine rays or the real brightness of the sun” cannot be changed and only the lens flare can be adjusted.

Verdansk 84 has not had the smoothest performance since its arrival in April: the redesigned arena has been exposed to some ugly sub-map exploits, and the developer has deliberately intensified its efforts to address the rise of cheats.

We hope that over time, it will be possible to incorporate small fixes, such as this lens flare correction, which will fix the myriad problems that cause players errors in one of the world’s greatest battle royal characters.

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