Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How to get the Hey Lombax DJ trophy

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Getting a Hey Lombax DJ trophy is relatively easy if you know where to look. Tournaments can be fun at Scarst Debris Field, but you can also relax with a few holes in the jukebox.

Where is the jukebox and how to get a trophy

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At Scarst Debris Field, go to Zurkie’s, where the tournaments begin. Walk around the reception and turn left as soon as you enter the club. Continue along the path to the left of where the aliens are conversing on the tables. Walk around the bar and you will see a pink alien grooming with his green friend. It really shakes. Then you will see a golden box between the two dancers. Press the triangle to use the jukebox. You are now in the song menu and play three songs. The trophy will then be confirmed by ding!

How do you unlock new songs?

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To find new songs for the jukebox, you have to find the golden screws around the planets. They will be issued in packages as you gradually look for these collectibles. There are more than 30 musical compositions, including the humorous lyric song “Join Me Upstairs” by Emperor Nefarious and his doctoral counterpart. Insomniac didn’t have to put so much effort into the jukebox, but the developer did it and we appreciate it.

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