Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How to beat Emperor Nefarious

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The ruler of Rivet’s universe, Emperor Nefarious, is now intervening against Ratchet. You must stop him before he destroys the dimensions forever. If you follow these tips, wear the right armor and upgrade your weapons, you are well on your way to defeating the final boss of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Before you go…

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If you want to start the last battle with Dr. Nefarious and Emperor Nefarious, you have the opportunity to find as many collectibles as you would like to find. We recommend that you obtain all parts of your Robot Disguise armor before talking to Captain Quant, as they will give you 20% resistance to damage from Nefarious enemies. They will hover and shoot at you as you fight the emperor. In addition, make sure you collect as much raritan and upgrade your weapons as you want. If you have it, a lombax praetorian suit can help you with a 20% increase in earned raritan.

Phase 1

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As soon as you wipe out the enemies in the first area of ​​Metropolis, Emperor Nefarious will welcome you in his gigantic suit similar to the Power Rangers costume. He will warp his hands with the help of portals and release lasers at you. Avoid them by double jumping or escaping. At later points in the battle, the laser will continue at three intervals rather than just one.

If you have a chance, use a topiary sprayer. Even if it doesn’t hurt him, it makes him weaker for stronger attacks and slightly stunned. In some cases, this has doubled our damage. For maximum effort, use Mr. Mushroom and Doom Agents to send more enemies and possibly damage the Nefarious himself.

We found the peacemaker a very effective weapon against him, because missiles can rupture his medical staff. Also, if you were able to find all the spybots, RYNO 8 is even better because it silences objects on your enemy.

Phase 2

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Then you will play as Ratchet, and this time Emperor Nefarious will use double lasers from his eyes and quick mini-rifles as bullets that can decimate you. Avoid the first double jump at the right time. Use the topiary sprayer again to stun it in bad situations and cause further damage during this posture. A lightning weapon can also hit him with an electric current and stop him in his footsteps.

He will also use lazers vertically and horizontally, so watch out for his tricks and dash or double jump from his attacks.

About 50-60% will start using their rifles from mini-rifles. If you see your head facing you, look to the right and left and use the R1 button to teleport to the other side. These rays also remain on the ground and if you hit them, they will explode on you. Be careful and teleport whenever you can!

Phase 3

After defeating the second part, you will find yourself in a field of debris. Despite what is happening around you, be patient until the rock ignites and explodes in front of you. A crack will appear in which you can zip. At the end of the section, use a slingshot to get to the heart of the strength suit.

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If you lack health, you will find nanotechnology boxes to the left and right of the heart. Pick them up quickly as weaker enemies begin to protect the inner sanctum. This part is relatively easy. Control the forces of Nefarious and use powerful weapons at the heart. Once you break the outer layer, you’ll have to time your jumps like lightning circles around the room.

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When shooting, you will need to measure the cross key approximately every four seconds. Unfortunately, the Void Repulser is ineffective in this fight and the lightning still will hurt you. The rocket launcher is the best weapon that can be used in this section, because it removes about 10% of the health of the core.

The last phase

This is it. Here are the three main attacks of Emperor Nefarious and how to defend yourself:

  1. Emperor Nefarious floats and immediately throws himself down to Rivet. Exactly at the last minute phantom dashes either left or right.
  2. He throws a stone from one of its purple dimensions. This can be avoided quite easily if you throw yourself left or right
  3. Releases a continuous stream of laser for about 10 seconds. Avoid fattening left or right to prevent this. Be aware of your surroundings. You may have to jump over obstacles.
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Another general strategy in this fight is to use all the support weapons at your disposal. Agents of destruction, Mr. Fungi, and Bombardier can help you eliminate the Nefarious Forces that swarm you at certain intervals. The topiary sprayer can again stop the emperor in his tracks for a few seconds and allow you to get into a few cheeky boosted explosions before he jumps out. Nanotechnology is scarce, but it appears on the right side of the map. Once it reaches 5%, you have completed it. All you have to do is take Kit’s hand, and she throws Rivet toward the emperor for one last blow.

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