Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Corson V Gold Bolts guide


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Each place in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart has a selection of collectibles that you can find. You will need to research each area thoroughly to find them all, and you may also need certain skills before you can get them all. This manual describes the location of the Gold Bolts on the Corson V and explains how to obtain them.

Golden screw 1

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The first Golden Screw you can pick up comes when you’re watching an old friend from the Nefarious Club. As you move through the alleys and fight the enemies, you enter a much more open space with a level above you from which the enemies shoot. There is also a section where you can walk through the entrance and get past the building on the right. At the back of the building you will see a dimensional window that you can attach. Below is a link to a map of this place.

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Once you connect to the first dimensional window, you will see the second in the distance. Fasten your seatbelts and you will see the Golden Screw waiting patiently for you on the platform.

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Golden screw 2

With this and the third Golden Screw, you will need to gain Phantom Dash, an ability that also allows you to pass through the blue energy walls. You gain this ability by following the main goal of the story. Once you have them, you can get the last two gold screws.

This second screw is the simplest and most visible. From the main square, near the tower of Emperor Nefarious, you will see an elevator on your right. You should also see a wall that you may encounter near where Ratchet allows.

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Once there, run over the wall and land on the opposite platform. There are several boxes with raritan and also a second Golden Screw.

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Golden screw 3

This third Golden Screw is in the first factory room you will encounter on the way to the first optional destination on Corson V. You will have to go through some magnetic floor in the main square and follow the path until you reach a room where the boxes are small and large moving. along conveyor belts. As you follow the only way forward, you should see the Golden Screw in the distance behind you. The screenshot below is taken from the top of the first section of jumping on a wall.

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From here you have to jump on the conveyor belt and get to the platform between the two you see in the picture above. Wait for the big box to pass, then jump as soon as you can. You may have to jump to the right of the box to get to the platform, but you can use Phantom Dash to return to the platform.

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Now do the same with the second conveyor belt. You will probably have to pull out the same trick using Phantom Dash to get around the big boxes. If you jump close to the Gold Bolt platform and use the Phantom Dash, you should land on it.

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