PUBG’s Sanhok is being remastered, and it’s getting Warzone-style pre-customised weapons

The Sanhok PUBG is remade and acquires pre-customized Warzone-style weapons

The smallest map of PUBG, Sanhok, will quickly change essentially.

PUBG is going to launch a variety of new content material and modifications when the sport begins Season 8. Patch 8.1, which might be obtainable tomorrow on PC take a look at servers, will give gamers a well timed view of every part that comes with the brand new season.

Sanhok, a small tropical map of the sport is “redesigned” with new visuals and corrects a lot of its key places. The theme of this modification is at odds with the unique lush look, with extra overgrown and abandoned areas now taking up the map.

The new Sanhok sports numerous new venues in addition to a brand new mechanic: Loot Trucks. These vans will journey across the map after the shot and fall prey and after full destruction a big pile of high-level objects.

Loot Trucks carry Confiscated weapons, that are pre-prepared weapons that fall with pre-installed attachments. Like Warzone and different BR games, these weapons have distinctive skins that point out their standing.

The new season, in fact, comes with a brand new Battle Pass: Payback. Along with the brand new go, gamers with scores can count on a significant scoring replace, with the factors now bearing in mind the staff’s place. The new Weekend has additionally joined the included fund of maps.

Update 8.1 is formally launched on July 22 for the PC and July 30 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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