Pokemon Go Flying Pikachu: how to catch the 5th anniversary balloon Pikachu

Pokemon Go Flying Pikachu: How to catch a Pikachu balloon for the 5th anniversary

This month marks the fifth anniversary Pokemon Go, which means that there are a lot of new game events and bonuses to celebrate – including the return of a new form Flying Pikachu.

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Special versions of Pikachu are, of course, a tradition of the Pokémon series – from various hat variants to all popular electric mice in Pokémon. to have a new Pikachu with a water-type pull.

On the occasion of Pokemon Go’s 5th birthday, Pikachu hits the game. Of course, Pikachu can’t fly naturally, but instead he hovers across the sky on a series of balloons, with the most significant balloon in the shape of 5, for his fifth birthday. As a result, this rare variant is unlikely to return – so you’ll want to catch one as long as you can.

On this page we will explain how to catch the 5th anniversary of the flying Pikach, and we will also remind you of the timeline for catching it, because it is a time-limited agreement.

How to get a Flying Pikachu for Pokemon Go 5th Anniversary

First, it’s important to realize that Flying Pikachu is a limited time performance in Pokemon Go, as well as other 5th anniversary celebrations, such as the return of Jump-Start research. Flying Pikachu with 5th anniversary balloons will only appear during the 5th anniversary event – which will last until July 15, 2021 at 20:00 local time, wherever you are.

Associated with this, there are three different ways you can meet and catch Flying Pikachu during the 5th anniversary event. These are as follows:

  • Flying Pikachu with a balloon shaped 5 will appear in the wild like a common, ordinary Pokémon. In addition, Darumaka appears more often for the same event.
  • Flying Pikachu will appear as a one-star battle encounter. You may need to make a few raids as they appear among several other rarer Pokémon. Win the raid and try to catch him.
  • If you meet the call for the 5th anniversary of the collection by catching the featured Pokémon, you will be rewarded, among other things, with a guaranteed encounter with the Flying Pikachu.

The flying Pikachu with a 5 shaped balloon has a shiny shape – so you can be very lucky and come across a shiny variant.

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