Point Leader achievement guide in Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game

Space Jam: A New Legacy – The game isn’t the most challenging game you’ll find out there, but for those who aren’t either good at beat ’em up games or tired of losing points from dying in a story, things can be a little frustrating. One of the successes in the game is called Point Leader and has a value of 75 gamerscore. The description reads: “He has scored 999,999 points in one play.” Here’s how to unlock it.

Achieving a score of 999,999 points in a single play of the story can be a bit challenging for everyone. At the end of each chapter, you lose points for how many times you died, so you need an almost perfect run to make it legally. However, we have found a super simple solution to how to achieve this success, and it actually requires you to fail.

You must first go through the whole story once. For us, it took a little over half an hour to use the two sequels, so don’t expect to sit there all day. If you can get success the right way in this first game, great.

If you haven’t achieved Point Leader success in your first game, be sure to check out the now unlocked Boss Rush mode. Here you will face three bosses in a game in a row with a single life. All you have to do is defeat the first two bosses, but if you are going to achieve this success, don’t finish the last one. Die and select Repeat.

No matter where you are, you will be returned to the first boss, but your score will be transferred. Each time you defeat one of the bosses, you get 100,000 points. Keep coming back and beat at least the first boss and you will eventually reach pop for success when you exceed 999,999.

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