Overwatch 2 PvP breakdown – new role queue, Push mode, map changes

Overwatch 2 PvP

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During the live broadcast of Overwatch 2 PvP, we got a detailed look at what a competitive game will look like in the sequel. It included details on map design, abilities, damage, and changes in crowd control and player roles. We’ve seen some complete Overwatch 2 PvP matches, including a demonstration of the new competitive Push mode.

The size and role of the team

The biggest change that players should be aware of is that PvP will be a 5v5 PvP game in all Overwatch 2 PvP modes. This has an impact on all aspects of PvP, with the two biggest differences coming in the areas of team composition and time-to-kill (TTK). Simply put, with fewer players facing, it flies around with less firepower, which means taking players down will usually only take a little longer. Game director Aaron Keller described Overwatch 2 as “smoother”, mainly due to the higher average TTK.

Changing character roles and team composition are the main reason why Overwatch 2 will play like any other game. In each demonstration game, we saw a new starting lineup of 2-2-1: two PCB characters, two supports and one tank. 2-2-1 is the way Blizzard decided to show the flow of the current build, and it will be a designated queue of roles in Overwatch 2. Although many players will be pleased that the whole concept will be buried, now it seems that the queue of roles will stick in continuation.

The tanks will change completely in Overwatch 2. We know that roles thematically shift from protecting your team and zoning for them, to a more aggressive face-to-face playing style. According to Blizzard, the tanks will be more of a troublemaker and will play a less reactive role. They will exchange damage with enemies rather than just absorb or protect them, and they will have passive resistance to the effects of crowd control. Blizzard will fine-tune the range of this resistance over time, but in Overwatch 2 we can certainly expect much smaller outages and stunning.

Game modes

Many current Overwatch PvP modes will be included in Overwatch 2, including Hybrid, which is probably the most dynamic mode in the game. One mode expires: 2CP or Assault does not appear in Overwatch 2. Instead, we get a completely new Push mode, which has each team fighting against dragging to push the target deeper into enemy territory.

The goal in this case is a slightly confused robot called TW0, which appears in the middle of the map 40 seconds before the match. When controlled by a team, TW0 begins to move slowly toward the enemy team’s location and pushes that team’s check mark along the way. If the enemy team takes over the robot, it turns and starts walking in the opposite direction, but the mark remains where it was pushed. In this way, each team can continue to push from wherever it went before losing control of the robot, and progress to victory will never be permanently lost.

Map design

Overwatch 2 maps are created with new teams in 5v5 and higher TTK. Keller noted that the maps will have significantly more coverage than in Overwatch and many more roads on the sides. Push maps in particular have many S-shaped layouts, allowing players to switch positions and attack enemies from different angles. To limit walking around the respawn, Push maps will also have catchable spawn points – as soon as the team pushes a marker on one of these points, it becomes their new spawn room.

In general, the PvP maps in Overwatch 2 should be more about edging and less about holding and slowing progress through fixed positions.

That’s all we know about PvP in Overwatch 2, at least in the current version of the game. Between today and the official release of Overwatch 2, some things may change, although the basic factors of team size and role queue will almost certainly not change.

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