Our Battlefield 6 wishlist

Our wish list Battlefield 6

The main goals we think the next Battlefield must hit.

It’s no understatement that Battlefield fans are incredibly excited about the next game. Before the revelation Battlefield 6 next month Dorrani and I sat down and talked about everything we hope DICE will do with this game.

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In the video above, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various Battlefield games and how DICE could use this knowledge to make the next game much better.

Our chat is not just about general game mechanics, but we also focus on what Battlefield is ticking and the things that DICE absolutely needs in order for the game to live as one of the best Battlefields.

Although we don’t bother too much about the rough structure of the class, the balance of infantry vs. vehicles, etc., You can expect some conversations about long-term issues such as first day polishing, lethargic offers, a variety of maps and presentations and feelings. If you’ve been playing Battlefield for years, you probably agree that Conquest may have to reconsider, and we’ll explain why.

This is a relaxed chat from two Battlefield fans, so take your favorite drink and enjoy.

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