Nioh 2 – How to beat Tokichiro


Nioh 2 – How to defeat Tokichira

All good issues finish – even friendship. Here’s how to take it off Tokichiro v Nioh 2.

Do you will have a Mujina Soul Core? Go see. They are Yokai badgers who bounce out of pretend chests and kill you. Their Soul Cores include a particular impact referred to as “Copy Enhancement” and are tailor-made to this battle.

Tokichiro makes use of religious stones to massively strengthen his offensive power and defensive talents. Mujina Soul Core mainly permits you to negate that buff by copying his bonuses. This makes the battle a lot, a lot simpler.

Nioh 2 – How to defeat Tokichira

Although Tokichiro is a comic book for many of the sport, he can actually throw a sword. It is tough to dwell along with his tireless fast assaults, however his guard just isn’t as robust and is usually left open.

The video beneath exhibits the essence of the technique.

This battle is comparable to Maeda Toshile, however extra helpful. Tokichiro is weak to bow or rifle bullets. If you are quick, this is usually a great way to cease the assault and deal strongly.

When Tokichiro makes a religious stone out of his pocket to ship some buffs, you possibly can both shoot at it or ship your personal buffs. Due to the explosiveness of its motion set, a fast change is an effective alternative to stop an surprising physique.

When Tokichiro and his bodyguard are awake, your shut fight will be simply repulsed. After his mixtures, there may be solely a brief window that wants to be punished, so you will have to get nearer and be ruthless.

You can block his common, non-elemental combos along with your main weapon, so use your personal guard. Get out of his assaults, block while you want to, then throw your self and punish the top of his mixtures. You have to be quick, however it’s a easy technique.

Watch out for the place the left sword is bringing again, and it’ll flash in black and white. This is unlockable and dangerous information if it hits you. Fortunately, it is a very brief vary, so while you see it, take a step again.

When Tokichiro buryes his weapons or leans again with each swords, he’ll pounce on you. It’s greatest to block right here as a result of it is so quick. If you are caught napping, you may most likely die in a flurry of hits.

At about 75% well being, Tokichiro disguises his sword in hearth and begins to rely extra on magical assaults.

When it hits the ground, it emits a fiery shock wave that you could keep away from. He can then summon his monkey Guardian Spirit, from which you could retreat, for about 5 hits.

The leaping combo he does right here is inside fairly brief vary and will be punished on the finish or interrupted within the center. This is considered one of your predominant holes on this a part of the battle.

When it comes to the Burst Counter, the place the flame wall rests and collects, do not let your self be pretended by a protracted ready time. You can rely this head as quickly because it strikes.

At half well being, Tokichiro begins to draw much more magical assaults, however the technique stays the identical: run away out of your hits, strike when the guard is down, then retreat.

Now he begins doing a spinning Burst Counter with hearth and lightning, which can also be fairly simple to break.

Replacing his fiery shockwave is a bolt of lightning that you could keep away from to keep away from beneath it, and to break his Tapir lightning puddle of Burst Counter, you could initially seize the double motion of his sword, not a puddle.

If the puddles can deal with it, you possibly can safely enter them for half a second earlier than lightning strikes, and so they can relaxation for themselves.

Keep chipping and pinging the headshots the place you possibly can, and he’ll ultimately hit the ground.

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If you need to make issues a bit of simpler, strive firing a few Sloth Talismans – these are probably the greatest abilities in Nioh 2 and may also help you shoot a couple of free hits.

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