Mortal Kombat film director says violence is pushed “right to the limit”

Film director Mortal Kombat says violence is being pushed “to the limit”

Bleeding and brutality? In Mortal Kombat? Are you sure?

Coming Mortal Kombat the film seems to go “to the limit” of what it can get in terms of violence.

That’s according to director Simon McQuoid, who told SFX Magazine – as stated by GamesRadar – that he takes his R rating seriously. There seem to be things like someone who rips the heart of the enemy. You know, normal, cool stuff.

“We wanted to push on.” [blood, gore and fatalities] to the border, “said McQuoid.

He continued: “Obviously, there is a point where the film will become unreleasable if you move it too far, and that would be a very unreasonable return on investment for the studio. But from day one, it was, “Okay, we’re doing it and we’re going to do it right.”

From the very beginning, this Mortal Kombat adaptation focuses on the R rating with the team behind the film, which says it will include the iconic finishing moves of the Fatality series.

After Warner Bros. disappeared for a while, he said the film would be released in theaters along with the HBO Max streaming service. Shortly afterwards, it became clear that the film would be released on April 16, which is much earlier than people expected.

In January, we looked at the Scorpion and Sub Zero franchise icons before the film’s first trailer was released the following month. Many big names in the series appear, but Johnny Cage is not one of them.

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