MLB The Show 21: Which 4th Inning Program Boss should you choose?

The fourth shift program opened on July 1 at MLB The Show 21. There are three new bosses in the game and MLB The Show players can get one for free once they reach level 25 in the program. Which one should you choose: Wander Franco, Christy Mathewson and Eddie Murray? Let’s look at the three cards and our recommendations.

A view of the 4th shift of bosses

Before we take our views, let’s look at the attributes of the three bosses, starting with Wander France:

Travel Franco

Screenshot by gameerror

Christy Mathewson

Screenshot by gameerror

Eddie Murray

Screenshot by gameerror


This is the toughest challenge so far, for several reasons. For one, all three cards are 99 OVR, which means that each of them can be a potential “end-game” card. Second, all three have very strong attributes.

Let’s try to divide everyone, starting with France. Rays infielder has fantastic contact properties, as evidenced by the solid strength and diamond field. In addition, Franco can play in three different positions: SS, 2B and 3B.

Mathewson has fantastic attributes, and if you compare this card to level V, this 99 OVR card will have maximum endurance plus K / 9 and BB / 9 over 100. Mathewson also has a nice five-level combination with the title screwball, fastball from the mid-90s and curve.

Finally, Eddie Murray has amazing striking qualities, first joining Diamond Fielding. And like Franco, Murray is also a hitter.

All three like it a lot, and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. However, we will lean towards Franco for several reasons. One, Franco is a very well rounded game because this Future Stars card has great stroke and catch statistics. Franco’s speed and versatility in the field also certainly helps.

Finally, Franco is our choice, because there are some shortcomings in accepting Mathewson or Murray. Mathewson doesn’t have a powerful four-seater or platinum for one, something other pitchers like Vida Blue, Edward Cabrera and Garrett Crochet have. Mathewson also doesn’t have a cutter or slider in his repertoire, two heights that would make a big difference.

And as for Murray, his card is really good. But with Jim Thome’s 96 OVR hovering around, it’s hard to go too crazy for this 99 OVR item, especially since Thome’s contact and power attributes are almost at their maximum when parallel to Level V.

Let’s go with France, but to be honest, all three cards aren’t generally bad. But in our minds, it’s hard to go wrong by taking a star into creation.

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