MLB The Show 21: How to complete 4th Inning Stars and Stripes Conquest

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The 4th shift program for MLB Show 21 started on July 1, and with it a lot of new rewards and new bosses. To make XP grinding a little easier, San Diego Studios has traditionally issued a new Inning Conquest challenge. MLB The Show players can now earn 4,000 exchange rates in the 4th exchange program for completing this conquest. Thanks to that, let’s take a look at the map, plus goals and rewards for completing it.

First we will go through the design of this map:

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Given the name Conquest, it should not be a shock that this challenge is patriotic for them. The map has the shape of the American flag.

There are eight MLB teams on this map. These teams are:

  • Chicks
  • Rangers
  • Twins
  • Angels
  • Red Sox
  • Cardinals
  • Red
  • Nationals


Six objectives need to be met in order to make significant progress towards the 4th exchange programs. The goals for this map are:

  • Goal 1 – Conquer 50 territories (rewards are 100 stumps and 150 XP)
  • Goal2 – Gain 100 million fans (rewards are 100 stumps and 200 XP)
  • Objective 3 – Capture two blue enemy fortresses (Cubs and Rangers) on the map (rewards are 300 stumps, 250 XP and one MLB Show 21 package)
  • Objective 4 – Get four enemy fortresses on the map (rewards are 400 stumps, 400 XP and one MLB Show 21 package)
  • Goal 5 – Capture all fortifications on the map (rewards are 500 stumps, 500 XP and a gold item of equipment)
  • Goal 6 – Conquer all territories (rewards are 1000 stumps, 1000 XP and a piece of diamond equipment)

Once you meet all six goals, you will receive 25,000 XP in the 4th exchange program. This map, along with the 4th shift program, ends on July 30, so prepare your map before that date.

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