Minerva’s Emporium and Minerva’s Big Sale event schedule in Fallout 76

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In Fallout 76, you want to watch two events every week: Minervino Emporium and Minervin Big Sale. These events focus on Minerva, a gold bar retailer who can offer you significant discounts when you visit. Of these two events, if you want to get some of the best prices for her items, we recommend checking her out during the Minerva Big Sale.

Each of these events takes place in a different plan. Minerva’s Emporium starts on Monday and continues until Wednesday. It is the shorter of the two events. The real attraction will be the big sale of Minerva, which starts on Thursday and continues until Monday.

When these events happen, Minerva has a chance to appear in one of three places in Fallout 76: Fort Atlas, Foundation or The Crater. We have already mentioned its location and we believe that it rotates between these three areas when a new event occurs. If you swap servers, we think Minerva also has a chance to be elsewhere, so if you’re trying to find it, make sure you stay on a particular server when it rotates to make sure you can find it reliably.

Minerva is looking for any player’s business in Fallout 76, so it will have the best prices whenever you find it, compared to other vendors. If you are willing to turn around near a specific supplier of gold bars, you will usually get a contract from her. Its inventory also rotates as it moves, which means you might be better off finding it directly each time it changes to make sure it doesn’t have the item you’ve been waiting for.

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