Minecraft is now an R-rated game in South Korea

Minecraft is now an R-rated game in South Korea.

Minecraft has become an adult-only title in South Korea thanks to Xbox Live accounts in this area, which are only available to people over the age of 19.

As he states Korea Herald (over GamesIndustry), Minecraft will soon be classified as an R-rated game in South Korea because Microsoft informs players in the region that they will need an Xbox Live account to play the game.

This goes back to a law that was introduced in the country in 2011 that prohibits minors from playing games between midnight and 6:00.

Rather than add systems that can identify minors during this time, Microsoft has just changed its Korean policy to allow only people over the age of 19 to account for an Xbox Live account.

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As for Minecraft, probably because it’s so popular with the younger crowd, players could log in with their Mojang accounts, bypassing the need to be 19 to play online. But that has now changed, and Microsoft is pushing for an Xbox Live account to sign in and play Minecraft.

“For players in South Korea, you must be at least 19 years old to purchase and play the Java Minecraft edition,” the game now describes on the official website reads.

This means that the Korean market is currently the only place in the world where Minecraft is registered as an adult game. However, the situation may change in the future.

“We continue to migrate Mojang accounts globally to Microsoft accounts for Minecraft: Java Edition, including for our players in South Korea,” said Microsoft GamesIndustry.

“We are working on a longer-term solution for existing and new players under the age of 19 in South Korea and we will have to share them later this year.”

For the Korean players, the change was not expected well: the Korea Herald noted that a petition to reverse the move was supported by more than 15,000 Koreans.

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