Minecraft: Amethysts | Where to find amethyst geodes & how to mine

Minecraft: Amethysts Where to find amethyst geodes and how to mine

Amethyst is not the only new block introduced in MinecraftCaves & Cliffs update, but it’s definitely the most engaging.

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Meeting the underground geode is a truly breathtaking experience, but these purple stones have more than just their good appearance. They can also be used to produce several selected but unique items.

  • Where to find amethyst in Minecraft
  • Types of amethyst in Minecraft
  • Crafts with amethyst in Minecraft

Where to find amethyst in Minecraft

Amethysts are in fact a number of extractable sources in Minecraft, but all variants appear in the same place: geody.

Geodes are hollow underground structures and are surprisingly easy to identify. They are usually quite large – often you can enter them comfortably as soon as you discover them – and emit a faint purple light. They also make pleasant radiant sounds that match their shimmering appearance.

In other words, they contrast quite sharply with the rocks around them. They can reproduce in places where they are visible from the surface, and can potentially be found in any Overworld biome.

With the new 1.17 update installed, it’s possible for geodes to appear in caves you’ve already explored, so finding one could be a simple case of looking around familiar areas.

However, if you are going to dig for one, you need to be careful to be on the right track. If you are familiar with real amethyst geodes, you probably know that they have several different mineral layers that give them their characteristic appearance.

Minecraft geodes are no different. Your first indication that the geode is nearby strikes the outer layer smooth basalt. There is a layer inside calcite. Go through it and you will come across amethyst.

Types of amethyst in Minecraft

There is not a single source called amethyst in Minecraft. Instead, amethyst has several forms with slightly different appearances and uses.

  • Beginner amethyst: This block is recognizable by a fine cross shape on its sides. Nothing falls during mining.
  • Amethyst Bud: Juvenile form of the amethyst cluster. They have three growth phases before they grow fully. They will not release anything during mining.
  • Amethyst block: It can be obtained by mining with a diamond, iron or etherite pickaxe.
  • Amethyst cluster: Fully adult version of Amethyst Bud. It can be obtained by mining with any pickaxe using the Silk Touch spell.
  • Amethyst shard: Mined from amethyst clusters, this is the form of amethyst used to form. The extraction yield will depend on the tool you are using: a standard tool or item will clear two shards; diamond, iron or non-etherite pickaxes drop four; while tools with Fortune enchantment have a chance to discard up to 16 shards. The Silk Touch tool cancels the cluster itself, not the shards.

Crafts with amethyst in Minecraft

There are currently three recipes that require amethysts as ingredients:

  • Amethyst block: Decorative block made of four shards of amethyst. Basically, you glue a pile of shards together to recreate the inner layer of the geode. Nice if you want to recreate a geodetic cave for aesthetic purposes (they are very nice).
  • Tinted glass: Combining four amethyst shards with one piece of glass will give two blocks of colored glass. They are visually opaque, but behave as if they are completely resistant to light. Unlike ordinary glass, they are not airtight.
  • Telescope: The combination of amethyst shard with two copper ingots creates Spyglass. This item can be used to view and zoom in on remote locations. There are three enhancements to this item that are awarded for viewing Parrot, Ghast, and Ender Dragon through binoculars.

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