Mimi Tomo Day 5 – Sighting area, Hilichurl Justice Mutual Exchange and Unusual Hilichurl Location

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It’s the 5th day of the Mimi Tomo event, which means another unusual Hilichurl placement and other nice rewards for players. This time, players will have to start by heading to Dawn Winery, where you will find the first Hilichurl under a tree near the edge of a cliff northwest of Statue of Seven.

When you talk to him, he reveals that he has a Hilichurl Justice mission and needs help dealing with some rapists. Follow the waypoint and take out two waves of Treasure Hoarders, then return to Hilichurl to take the place of his talking friend.

Then players will have to head to the grassy / watery plain east of Mt Aozang, where they will find another Hilichurl. When you talk to him, you get a mutual mission.

He will give you the phrase “Kucha Gusha” and will want something in return. Kucha Gusha means “Seed,” so if you give him any kind of seed, he will do well. We gave him Dandelion seeds, which you can get right behind the main gate of Mondstadt.

Then he will give you the location of the unusual Hilichurl, which you will find near the Tanqiu Valley, in the exact place shown on the map above. He will also give you the phrase “Mosi Abi Nunu”, which means between sunset and late at night, and will let you know when there will be an unusual Hilichurl.

If you travel to the place shown above between 18:00 and midnight, you will find an unusual Hilichurl who can beat him and get a reward on the event page.

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