Meet the guy who remakes Assassin’s Creed videos with Lego

Meet the man who remakes Assassin’s Creed videos with Lego

Some folks prefer to play with recreation trailers and enhance their look – this individual presents whole videos with actual Lego.

Productionetilego is YouTuber, which has been constructing video connections utilizing actual Lego kits for nearly 9 years. Yesterday, Productionetilego – whose actual identify is Etienne – posted on its YouTube channel an Assassin’s Creed Revelations trailer designed solely from Lego bodily cubes, which you’ll be able to see under.

Interestingly, Revelations was the first Lego recreation trailer that Etienne ever launched and launched its unique try and recreate the recreation E3 trailer in July 2011. You also can verify and examine the enhance in high quality of Etienne videos over the final decade (nearly).

Although Etienne stopped filming any such trailer about two years after his unique video was launched, locking it gave him motive to resurrect his ardour.

“It took two months to create this video,” Etienne explains. “It’s an iterative process: assemble the decor, frame the photos, move the camera, and last but not least, animate Lego.” In order to attain this final step, Etienne needed to rework the unique picture of the trailer after the picture – in actual fact, this new trailer consists of three,430 particular person pictures.


Etienne explains that ideally he could be focused on recreating each single Assassin’s Creed trailer this fashion, however some are fairly troublesome and shouldn’t have a lot free time.

Like video games, Etienne shoots fiction of her personal works with Lego units. When I requested which challenge he was most pleased with, he directed me to Flashback, the unique brief movie he wrote. You also can verify it under.

In associated experiences, the head of promoting at Lego Ventures believes that Fortnite might turn out to be the “first trusted metaverse” of the gaming business. Meanwhile, the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will most likely launch this October. “

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