Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Guide – No One Left Behind Achievement Mass Effect Legendary Edition

In order for all characters to survive the suicide mission of Mass Effect 2, players need to do a few things. In this guide, we will go through them all and try to keep them as clear and concise as possible.

It is not recommended to start the third act of the game by entering the Omega 4 relay until all this preparation has been ensured. You must first ensure that all of the following upgrades are purchased in Normandy:

  • Heavy Ship Armor – purchased from Jacob – 15,000 Palladium
  • Multi-core shielding – purchased from Tali – 15,000 Palladium
  • Thanix Cannon – purchased from Garrus – 15,000 Platinum

With each of these upgrades that you don’t have, the character dies. If you have already started a mission without some or all of these upgrades, you will need to revert to an earlier save point, as there is no way to replay this drive.

Another very important factor is how quickly the players in the story react to the abductions of various crew members. Ideally, you want to have as many games as possible before moving on to Act 3, so make sure you complete as many loyalty missions for different crew members as possible. When the Normandy crew is abducted, you want you to be able to track them immediately for the best results.

Assigning roles

When it comes to assigning roles for part of a suicide mission at a collecting base, you will have to use loyal characters, otherwise people will die. When choosing from the following groups of characters, loyalty to someone is most important. If you choose someone who is not loyal, you will lose the crew.

  • Valve technology specialist – Tali, Legion, Kasumi
  • Leader of the 2nd fire brigade – Miranda, Garrus or Jacob
  • Biotic Shield Specialist – Jack or Samara / Morinth
  • Distraction Fire team leader – Miranda, Garrus or Jacob
  • Normandy crew escort – any loyal character
  • Your team – any loyal character. Mordin is a good idea so that you can keep him safe, because the game is strongly skewed towards trying to kill him.

Remember that any disloyal character in any position above will either die or cause the death of others.

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