Mass Effect 2 Crime in Progress guide – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

While exploring the Citadel in Mass Effect 2, players get into a bit of a situation near the Warehouse. Volus and Quarian can be guessed, and the C-Sec officer is desperately trying to keep everything under control. Volus Kor Tun has lost his credit card and is convinced that it was stolen by Lia’Vael, Quarian.

Players can wander around investigating what exactly happened, but the easiest way is to go straight to the Saronis Applications store at this level and talk to Marab, Salarian behind the counter.

Marab confirms that Kor Tun was in the store, made some purchases, and then forgot his credit card. Return to Kor Tun and tell him where his card is to get some Paragon points. Then you have a chance to earn more, because Kor Tun will not be sorry to blame Quarian. He would claim that they could absolutely have stolen it, so he did nothing wrong.

The C-Sec officer then demands that Lia’Vael acquire permanent residence, otherwise she will be arrested for vagrancy. You can interrupt this exchange as Paragon to remind everyone that Lia’Vael did nothing wrong and everyone is just trying to cover up their assumptions and mistakes.

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