Marvel’s Avengers Red Room Takeover event guide – mission chains, rewards, dates

Black Widow is in front and in the middle of the Red Room Takeover Event at Marvel’s Avengers. This event will make you return to the HARM Room, albeit with a turnaround. As you can guess, the HARM Room is in a shocking way now red. Marvel fans can recognize the Red Room program as a program in which Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow gained fitness and training. This event continues beyond the Rookskaya Protocols event, which ended, with Yelena Belova breaking into the HARM rooms.

How to start a Red Room takeover action

Takeover of Marvel's Avengers Red Room
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At the war table at any base, go to the Helicarrier. At the bottom left, below all the usual HARM Room prompts, is the Red Room challenge, indicated by a red icon. You can also choose one of four difficulties – you will have to play this challenge in these different difficulties to complete certain event assignments. Keep in mind that these challenges are played solo.

Along with red aesthetics, the Red Room adds new dangers: for one, enemies can hit you with a powerful red lightning bolt. There is also techno lava that can instantly kill heroes or enemies. Enemies also discard fragments of memory as resources.

Red Room takeover mission chains

Takeover of Marvel's Avengers Red Room
Picture over Square Enix
  • Little Pale Spider – A hacked string of virtual modules
    • Complete the Red Room I challenge
    • (This guide will be updated with more missions.)
  • Assign a call to take over the Red Room event
    • Complete 5 Red Room event assignments
    • Defeat 850 enemies of all kinds
    • Knock 350 enemies into techno lava
    • Collect 200 memory fragments
    • Complete all Red Room challenges
  • Event Assignment Red Room: Defense
    • Defeat 25 Synthoids
    • Use 50 jump pads in any Red Room challenge
    • Complete the Red Room III challenge
  • Event assignment Red Room: Brawl
    • Defeat 40 guards of all kinds with melee attacks
    • Defeat 10 Prime Synthoids of any kind with ranged attacks
    • Defeat 5 Dreadbots of any kind
  • Red Room Event Assignment: Finality
    • Collect 40 memory fragments in Red Room Challenge I.
    • Defeat 30 drones of any kind
    • Defeat 50 enemies using Takedowns
  • Red Room: Unstoppable event assignment
    • Defeat 10 enemies while you are invisible
    • Defeat 15 enemies while being beaten
    • Complete 15 waves of combat without being hit by Red Lightning
  • Event assignment Red Room: Prime
    • Meeting 100 enemies into techno lava
    • Defeat 25 aero mowers or aero breeders
    • Complete the Red Room I challenge
  • Red Room event assignment: Defect
    • Collect 25 memory fragments in Red Room Challenge IV
    • Defeat 25 enemies in their weak spot
    • Defeat 150 robots of any kind
  • Event Assignment Red Room: Maneuver
    • Defeat 25 enemies with Signature or Power Attacks
    • Defeat 5 adaptoids of all kinds
    • Defeat 10 battle waves without being critically injured

Rewards for taking over the Red Room

Takeover of Marvel's Avengers Red Room
Picture over Square Enix

Each challenge in the Little Pale Spider mission chain will bring you the Widow Maker comics. Completing the larger Challenge Event will return a number of goodies, including:

  • Exotic Hero Set Gear piece for Heroes over Power Level 120 (scaleed for Heroes under the threshold)
  • team label with the theme after the event
  • XP player
  • bundle of Polychoron and Upgrade modules

Each individual event assignment will bring you a gaming experience and a piece of Legendary Surging Set Gear if your hero is at least at power level 80 – otherwise you will get a piece of equipment that is adapted to your current level.

How long does the Red Room Takeover take?

After launching on May 20, the Red Room Takeover will run until Monday, May 31 until 13:00 Eastern Time.

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