Little Nightmares 2 Part 7 | TV Puzzles

Little Nightmares 2, Part 7 TV puzzles

The scenario has modified, however Mono has nowhere to go, however forward. Unlike Six, one other new logic mechanic is launched within the following areas – proving a few of the most irritating issues in the complete journey.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 7 – TV Puzzles

From your hiding place below the mattress, return to the TV room and push the display till the scene adjustments.

Climb the closet and library behind you and proceed climbing the constructing.

Push right here on the TV and you’ll deform once more.

Outside, flip the deal with to maneuver the TV to the opposite facet of the hole, then leap and seize the door deal with on the left to get again to the final constructing.

Push the TV right here once more and it’ll seem on the opposite facet.

Go up the ladder, then proceed to the appropriate, fall all the way down to the ledges and stroll on the boards.

When it’s a must to, swing over the hook, which you’ll be able to’t do with a single swing – leap on it, enhance pace after which leap.

Finally, you climb by way of one other window into one other TV puzzle.

Go down the ladder in entrance of you after which seize the TV distant management in the midst of the carpet. Press the Circle button to activate the TV, then press the display to proceed.


In the subsequent room, leap all the way down to the hole within the center and there’s a postman’s hat within the left gap.

Across the appropriate vent is one other room. Place the wheelchair on the prime of the display so to use it to skip the hole above, then activate the TV on the appropriate and push the display again to the subsequent stage.

Make certain the TV is within the room earlier than turning on the air flow.

Now flip round utilizing the ceiling gentle, then climb on a chair and leap over-the-counter. Now use the cart to skip the hole.

On the opposite hand, use a zipper hanger for an additional constructing.

Push your self by way of the subsequent door and it is the return of the TV addicts.

You must swipe proper and exit to the balcony to activate the hanging TV exterior.

Now return to the kitchen and press the distant management to show off the TV within the foyer, then activate and conceal within the oven.

The addict then steps into the kitchen and locks in on the TV exterior, so you’ll be able to flip it on once more within the lounge and bend by way of it to get out.

Walk on the board, then climb the ladder and proceed to climb to the highest of the roof alongside the grille on the facet of the constructing.

There’s one other TV addict. Turn on the TV on the opposite facet of the hole once more, after which flip off the TV the addict is watching.

When they flip, they lock on the second TV, so you’ll be able to activate the primary one and warp to the opposite facet.

Head straight by way of the lavatory and onto the rooftops. Jump over the mattress, then down one other hanging wire earlier than crossing the final roof.

Drop by way of the opening into the house beneath, however do not bend by way of the TV right here.

First, leap by way of the window on the appropriate and push the TV out of the ledge.

Then return and get by way of the TV to the subsequent constructing.

Here in your left is a lever that electrifies the water in entrance of you.

Go to the far finish of the corridor, pull the boards off the underside of the door, after which run again to the lever to electrically kill the TV addict who breaks by way of.

Garbage Room Elevator

In the room now open, activate the TV after which undergo the vent on the appropriate.

Jump on the trash and launch it.


Then slide the package deal down in the midst of the massive room to the appropriate so to seize the lever that prompts the elevator.

Now activate the TV contained in the elevator.

Press contained in the elevator after which use the TV as a platform to succeed in the lever.

Take the elevator up, then pull the lever once more and switch to the touchdown the place you began.

Lower down into the open elevator shaft after which sink by way of a gap within the wall into the center room with the toys.

On this flooring, go proper and you will note a doll on the field. Slide this field off the wall and you’ll discover a gap.

In the electrified lavatory, use the bathroom to beat the water after which flip off the TV within the room. Jump again to the bathroom to kill the drug addict, then go the place they stood.

There is a chair which you can drag to the door on the appropriate and advance.

Toy retailer

Run down the aisle after which leap to the subsequent constructing: a toy retailer with critical cabling issues.

At the upper stage, the cart is on the appropriate. Drag it to the middle after which push it down the ramp to get a technique to leap to the left facet of the decrease room.


Go by way of the door right here and use the desk to get to the vent on the prime of the room.

Now maintain the lever behind you on the excessive cabinets after which leap down in entrance of you.

With the facility off, drag the cart to the appropriate to make use of it to leap on the TV within the cupboard.

Now return to the facility lever, pull it once more, leap to the TV and pull it out.

At a better stage, use the TV to leap out of the window and open it.

Go proper within the alley and activate the TV within the store window. Then go left and switch off the TV watched by the 2 addicts.

Then return to the appropriate till they lock on to the brand new TV. Return to the primary TV, flip it on, after which flip round.

Run and leap proper to the shop, then run across the nook and across the cabinets till you attain a TV you’ll be able to bend.

On the opposite facet, go straight down the corridor till you attain a gap within the wall behind which is the lounge.

Access the TV and press the display, then maintain down the grip button and pull again.

When you regain management, the ax is launched so you should utilize it to cut doorways in a close-by nook of the room.

Walk by way of the room you’re in, slide below the boundaries and climb the boards. Eventually you’ll discover your self in a vent below some floorboards.

Keep going proper, however keep out of sight of the Thin Man and anticipate ages till he strikes utterly into view of the outlet.

Go by way of the vent on the opposite facet, then pull the chair over the hallway, use it to the window, and pull the board out from the east.

Slide on the facet of the constructing, then leap and seize the prepare on the finish of the slide.

Go by way of and on the finish leap on the lighted prepare and after touchdown, run in direction of the digital camera.

Soon you’ll have to flip proper, so flip proper and proceed operating correctly – leap over the stacked baggage alongside the way in which.

Continue to the appropriate and you’ll have to leap up and seize the deal with and open the subsequent door. Then run and leap by way of the window to get to the lever.

Pull the lever and watch the scene unfold.

With the distant management inoperative, comply with the shadow in entrance of you, up and round into the lighted alley.

Climb the ladder and watch the scene on the floor.

As the thin particular person approaches, push the management ahead after which ahead within the path of his hand towards you.

Then maintain it ahead a number of occasions on the distant management till the scene adjustments.

When this occurs, go into the pink gentle.

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