Little Nightmares 2 Part 4 | Teddy bears, morgue furnaces, smashing hands

Little Nightmares 2, Part 4 Teddy bears, morgue, breaking hands

With a terrifying faculty on their heels, Mono and Six discover themselves in a brand new constructing with recent horror.

After coming into by a window from a wet road, from a darkish hall lined with scattered hospital beds, it’s clear that this new space has a unique – and no much less disturbing – environment.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 4

When you come inside, go proper and crouch beneath the mattress.

Continue ahead after which push the door by the Sixth.

After the scene, soar on the mattress, climb the rungs on the opposite facet after which up behind the sure sheets.

Go to mattress after six after which soar right into a gap within the wall. Here is a cell within the panel at your properly, take it, then go throughout to the opposite facet of the hallway and insert it there into the panel.

This opens the elevator shaft. Drop and assist the Six to drag out the grate on the opposite facet. Quickly soar contained in the vent and head to the opposite facet.

When you fall, a brand new mechanic introduces himself: a flashlight.

Continue by the hole to the suitable, then you might be within the hospital ward.

In the subsequent room, go as much as the highest of the room and discover one other ghostly baby. Then press proper as common.

Behind the patrol you can see a useless finish, so circle again and stroll down the haunted hall to the lighted door.

Inside, soar on the deal with of the machine and uncover the can.

Then activate the can by urgent the button subsequent to the activated door.

In the subsequent room, you might be tuning one other transmission. Walk and contact the TV, then transfer the left lever till it vibrates and the hall on the display is straight. Do it thrice after which go to the door.

When you regain management, keep downstairs and go proper.

Mortuary furnaces and teddy bears

For now, ignore the lighted elevator and stroll previous it to the X-ray room.

There’s a path inside with a teddy bear with a key. Continue to the suitable and there’s a games room with a teddy bear on the desk. Lift the teddy bear to the suitable of the room – not the one on the desk.

Grab a teddy bear and take it to the elevator you went by. You can place it behind the X-ray display and pull the lever if you wish to verify with the important thing inside that it’s the proper one.

Take the elevator down and you might be within the morgue.

To your proper is the morgue incinerator. Insert a teddy bear into it, then soar out and pull the deal with subsequent to the incinerator door.

When you are achieved, soar into the incinerator, decide up the important thing, after which return to the TV room.

Go up and round to the suitable and there will probably be a door the place you should use the important thing.

Wandering hands

Inside you can see a darkish room full of mannequins.

Go by the room and you’ll get to the subsequent hall. Climb to the highest of the corridor and discover one other of the ghostly kids.

Then go down and get assist from the six to succeed in the hole within the white marked door.


Inside, stroll across the room across the working desk, then pull the field of components out of the way in which to disclose a niche on the opposite facet of the room.

Go as much as the cabinets in entrance of you and proceed, then you can be attacked by a wandering hand.

To keep away from it, I jumped like Mario, however it’s also possible to await it to start out and plan your jumps extra tactically.

Jump round your arm, climb on the shelf in entrance of you, after which use the grate on the finish of the room as a ladder.

You must do it actually quick, in any other case your hand will catch you – as quickly as you attain the highest of the ladder, crouch instantly into the outlet and pull the grate on the opposite facet.

You fall into one other hall. Head up and left to the lighted door and return by the brand new room you can see. Climb up right here to the desk and cabinets after which decrease to the opposite facet.

This half will be irritating as a result of your hands keep away from all of your assaults.


Go by the cart after which seize the hammer in the midst of the room. Now it’s a must to tempt your hand to leap on you and hit her with a hammer whereas she is recovering. It takes three hits to die.

When it is down, break the glass door hidden behind the field on the left.

Now drop the hammer and soar on the workbench the place you see the security catch, seize it and run.

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