Little Nightmares 2 Part 3 | Chess puzzle, Sneaking through the doll’s cafeteria

Little Nightmares 2, Part 3 Chess puzzle, sneaking in the dolls eating room

When Mono and their mysterious companion get additional into college, every little thing adjustments from unhealthy to worse.

They could have slipped out of Teacher, however much more horror awaits them.

After you escape from the trainer in the library and open the door at the finish, you end up in a brand new hallway. On the proper facet of the stairs you’ll discover one other locked door.

Go up and to the left is there to gather an odd shadow baby.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 3 – Chess Puzzle

On the proper you’ll discover a pair of chess items. Take a white disk and you’ll connect it to a white piece and create a tower. Jump on the tower after which on the door deal with in entrance of you.

You at the moment are inside the room with the complete board. To remedy a chess puzzle, bump to the proper of the entrance of the display screen and to a different a part of the room.

There is one other piece on the desk, however first grasp it at the backside of the display screen and the eye painted on it.

Let go and reveal the resolution: the black king in the center, the white king at the backside, the white queen on the left and the final white bit on the proper.

A chunk on the desk is a white queen. Jump up and take the prime off, then leap down. Return to the enjoying space and place the white queen’s head someplace protected.

Now return through the door from which you entered and get the tower head from that piece. Place the tower head on the white piece at the backside of the desk and use it to get to the white royal piece.

Place the white king’s head on the decrease white piece, then take away the tower head and place it on the spare white piece on the proper.

Now place the queen’s head, which you positioned just a little to the left, and you’ll hear a click on.

Finally, use the tower head, now to the proper, to leap onto the bottle desk.

Jump right here and seize the lamp to tug the lever that strikes the libraries in entrance of you to disclose the key.

Get the key and return right down to open the door.

On the different facet, go down the stairs and pull the cart out from behind the door. Push your self after which use the corpse to rise up in the freezer and contact the scary baby.


Leave the room, then pull the cart out to the excessive grid after which use it as a ladder to advance.

Buffet for dolls

In the subsequent kitchen, leap on the cart after which raise the ladle to interrupt the dolls that assault you – the timing could be very troublesome, simply attempt.

Remember that it’s important to press the leap whereas holding it to swing. The dolls will cease actually a millimeter out of the arc of your swing, so attempt to maintain on till they come out of your attain.

When they’re useless, it’s important to raise the head of the doll you broke and put it on. Then you may go through the grate on the proper with out dying.

Go through the bloodbath and crouch below the desk when your path is blocked.

Finally, push through the hole in the corridor at the finish of the corridor and you might be in a brand new room.

Use the cabinets at the higher finish to climb up after which comply with the beam through the gentle.

Continue the ascent and proceed the ascent with a rope swing. Grab the mind container after which drop it. Then leap and seize the hook to get again to flooring stage.

Lift your mind and throw it towards the button on the proper wall to open the door.


In the subsequent space with the trainer, crouch through the gap in the wall to get below her desk. When strolling to the different facet of the room, transfer to a hiding place in the center of the room.

When she strikes once more, transfer below the third desk and watch her through the door.

In the subsequent room, go straight forward after which climb on the drawer handles to get to the desk the place he works.

When the trainer has her again turned, sneak in entrance of her after which crawl to the hole between the tables.

Jump when he isn’t trying, and eventually leap into the gap in the wall when you could have an opportunity.

In the subsequent room, climb on the cabinets in entrance of you and push into the gap.

On the different facet, you’ll discover your self in one other hall.

It’s time to smash the dolls once more, so decide up the hammer and throw it away.

As you step ahead at the starting, maintain towards the prime of the display screen and launch the lure that may break the first doll earlier than eradicating the others.

When you flip the nook, there are two extra.

Then, whenever you flip the nook once more, there are two extra, together with one which explodes out of the locker behind you.

There are completely lots of them on this half, and if one in every of their timing arcs throws you away, it is again to the different. But be affected person and give attention to each individually and it is possible for you to to proceed.

Finally, watch out the way you get to the toilet, since you run the lure that comes straight out the door.

In the toilet, run and break two dolls – be cool or you’ll swing helplessly with the different.

Then swing the hammer on the rope holding your girlfriend and she’s going to fall to the flooring.

When you reconnect along with your buddy, open the window on the proper wall and depart the constructing and cross the board between the buildings.

In the piano room, flip the crank in the higher proper nook till it falls, after which leap on the piano along with your buddy till you fall to a decrease stage.

Get assist out of your helper to get to the gap on the left. Here you’ll discover the door key on the proper with the doll.

Your companion will create a distraction as you sneak alongside the outdoors of the doll to a tube on the close to facet of the display screen that you need to use to interrupt.

Grab the key after which raise the railing to get again into the room with the piano.

Now use the key on the distant door to proceed.

In the subsequent room, your buddy turns over a correct doll earlier than you smash it with a hammer.

Pull out the drawer on the proper and use it to scale the cupboard as you goal for the sound of the piano enjoying.

At the finish of the hall, go up the stairs after which raise the elevator out of your companion below the white signal on the cupboard.

Climb up and push the field to allow it to enlarge the file, after which open the vent collectively.

On the different facet of the vent, decrease the books onto the flooring and sneak to the proper facet of the room the place the doorknob is.

While the trainer is enjoying, flip the crank. Stop when he does, otherwise you’ll be a toast.

With the platform down, push the piano chair again throughout the room – once more, solely when he is enjoying – and use it to return to your buddy and through the second opening.

Sprint from there, and finally you can be launched from college.

Go proper to the proper for some time, then whenever you get to the trash can, assist your buddy push him again from you – in direction of the prime of the display screen – shut the lid after which use it to leap to the subsequent stage.

Continue to the proper and subsequent to the paper hat you’ll discover a scary baby after which a door through which you’ll push your self.

Inside you’ll discover an outdated yellow raincoat. This confirms that the companion that helps you all through the recreation is Six, the protagonist of the first Little Nightmares.

Get help from her to open the door, after which go through the window on the proper in the subsequent room.

In the alley, transfer to the trash and leap on the railing.

Push the board out of the method for six, then climb into the distant trash can and open the grate.

There is a lighted window in the courtyard through which you’ll climb – and also you enter one other space.

Continued in the subsequent part!

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