Little Nightmares 2 Part 2 | Escape the Teacher’s Classroom at doll school

Little Nightmares 2, Part 2 Escape from the academics’ classroom at the doll school

When Mono and their newfound buddy left the darkish forest, they discovered themselves in a mysterious metropolis – seemingly abandoned – with nowhere however forward.

Little Nightmares 2 Part 2 – School Picture

In the alley, you each seize a trash can to disclose a gap in the fence on the playground.

Next to the door, climb into the trash can and gather one other hat, then climb on the white tarpaulin to the window.

Inside, go proper and soar as much as pull the lever, then go down the corridor and into the door on the left.

Here you will notice the ball in the center of the room, seize it, maintain it and return to the place the place you pulled the lever.

You can see the mild coming from the eyes of the image on the wall, so throw the ball at the image and it’ll fall and reveal the means ahead.

In the subsequent room, soar to the weak ground in entrance of a chair and fall.

Then undergo a tunnel the place you end up till you attain a spot the place you’ll be able to fall. Tear off the grate at the backside and proceed by way of the uncovered tunnel.

Go in direction of the mild in the hallway, however watch your step on the subsequent display screen.

Step onto the raised floorboard close to the prime or backside of the display screen, then transfer ahead, nonetheless listening to the colour that may swing in the Home Alone type.

Crouch underneath the descending mild and lockers as effectively.

Then, on the subsequent display screen, step up on the raised floorboard at the prime of the display screen once more to keep away from additional traps.

Now go upstairs, the place you’ll be able to see the kids peeking out in the subsequent hallway, and ensure the locker does not fall in your head if you step on one other raised floorboard – earlier than going by way of the gap in the wall on the proper.

Another floorboard is a naughty trick. The one raised just isn’t a entice, however the one that’s two down is.

Jump over the trapped floorboard to the place the duck is. Then run and soar again to the place your buddy is, and whereas working, decrease the entice in order that it swings round you so you’ll be able to climb on the desk with the mild.

Continue down one other hall and watch the cutscene.

When you regain management, skip the field and seize the hammer.

You can press the soar whereas holding it to shake it and break the little boy.

Do this in order that one will go searching the door on the proper.

Go by way of the door and conceal underneath the desk in the subsequent room on a raised floorboard to launch a entice that swings and breaks one other doll.

Climb a chair and a pile of books to get to the subsequent hallway.

Continue down the corridor to get to the classroom.

Escape from the trainer’s classroom

Give the dolls on chairs and a large mattress, however use their tables to guard your self from the trainer’s gaze.

Move between desks solely when he writes on the blackboard – you’ll know when he’s about to show when he hits chalk on the blackboard.

In the aspect cupboard, climb a little bit on the library on the different aspect and it’ll tip over.

Jump to his aspect as quickly as he begins to lean and you can be out of strain.

When the haunted mom comes to analyze, conceal in an open file field upstairs, towards the prime of the room.

When the door is closed, seize the key and step again by way of the opening grate.

In the classroom, you must keep out of sight of the trainer, whereas the dolls have their heads bowed.

This piece is difficult to unravel, however you must go after her as she walks round the room, and as she leans over to look at the doll, slip round her towards the backside of the room.

When he turns once more in direction of the entrance of the room, head for the door.

She would possibly see you at this level, however if you happen to dash, you need to be capable of get to the locked elevator with out getting caught.

When you attain the prime, head straight to the subsequent room to discover a drawing of a doll.

You should decrease him to assault after which make him fall at the finish of the leash.

When it is down, run in, seize the tube, after which hit it along with your cranium. Timing is tough and it’ll in all probability take you many makes an attempt, even when precisely what to do.

Then use the pipe to interrupt the door on the far wall and climb the drawers to get into the pipe.

When you broaden, you begin the trainer. Carefully stroll to the different aspect of the room and elevate the container in entrance of you to stop it from falling.

Then conceal in the field in entrance of the display screen because it rises to look throughout the room.

Climb behind the tied blankets, then tiptoe at the far finish of the display screen and push on the board to get the exit. Go quick if you push it to keep away from the trainer.

Go by way of the tunnel and get to the library.

Use the cabinets on the close to aspect of the display screen to open down, then flip the wheel ladder up and climb up.

You’ll begin the trainer upstairs once more, so get able to run.

Jump up the stairs after which run as quick as you’ll be able to to the hole in entrance of you, urgent your crouch and sprinting.

In the subsequent half, soar to the tower with books and climb round, then soar to the different towers, go down a little bit after which soar to touchdown. You should do it a little bit quick or he’ll discover you.

At the touchdown space, conceal in the field towards the prime of the display screen and await the trainer to open the door in your proper.

Drag the field stuffed with books to the left to the door, then soar and seize the deal with and open it.


When you stroll by way of the door, you get to a brand new a part of the school, so transfer on to the subsequent half!

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