Lebron James X Fortnite – start date, skin release date, and more

Lebron James, the long-known skin, arrives in Fortnite in a special event featuring a store with items from King James, special challenges and more.

The skin of Lebron James coming into play has been known for some time, but the exact details of what appears to be quite a significant event were not known until the last few days, when more information began to leak.

When is the event and when will Lebron James leather appear in the store?

On July 14, Fortnite Item Shop will be taken over by Lebron James and his skin will be introduced either that day or shortly thereafter. At this time, we don’t know what other items will be added to the store, but a main skin and a package will be added, and a special background will be added to the store at all times.

King’s Bling special challenges

This event will feature a set of special King’s Bling challenges that players can complete to receive free in-game items. We do not know what the challenges will be, but we will update this guide after the publication of this guide.

Does Lebron play James Fortnite?

While we can’t find information on whether James plays Fortnite, he’s a big fan of video games. As a child, he played James Shaq-Fu, a play with Shaquille O’Neal, and thanks to his eidetic memory, he controlled his friends. He is also a fan of the Madden franchise. The man even got his son Xbox birthday cake.

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