League of Legends: Wild Rift Senna build guide – best items, runes, skills, and combos

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Along with Lucian, Senna also made it to League of Legends: Wild Rift. According to tradition, she is Lucian’s wife and the first shooter who can be played as support in the Wild Rift. She is a versatile champion who can follow several compilation paths.

The best set of items for Senna

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Choosing the right items for Senna can be a challenge. Depending on the situation and composition of the enemy team, you can shuffle items in its basic lineup.
If you play Senna as support, the priority item will usually be the Frostfire Gauntlet. It provides both magic resistance and armor, making Senna a bulky champion. It also increases Ability Haste, which is very useful for Senna because it relies on spamming its abilities.
If the team is missing damage, you can go to Black Cleaver, followed by Rapid Firecannon. However, if there is enough damage on the table, redemption is a better choice.

This means that all of the above items are the core of Senna’s support and can only differ in the order in which they are built.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity is the optimal shoe for Senna, because it again increases her rush abilities. Players can end the build by selecting Guardian Angel and Mortal Reminder.

Recommended final version (support): Frostfire Gauntlet, Redeeming Enchant, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Black Cleaver, Mortal Reminder and Guardian Angel.

Recommended final assembly (AD Carry): Manamune, Duskblade of Draktharr, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Rapid Firecannon, Mortal Reminder and Guardian Angel.

The best runes for Senna

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Both Grasp of the Undying and Font of Life are suitable for primary trapezoidal distortion. The writing of life will increase Senn’s usefulness and make it more team-oriented, while Grasp of the Undying provides greater sustainability in the line phase. He fights with mana in the early game, so it’s best to take the Manaflow Band into your secondary rune. She is a scale champion and mainly thrives in late play, which is why Gathering Storm is also suitable for her. Eventually, Adaptive Carapace will provide Senn with additional health and increased regeneration.

Recommended rune path: Understanding the Immortal, Gathering Storm, Adaptive Carapace and the Manaflow Band.

Senna abilities and combos

Senna’s abilities are as follows:

Piercing Darkness: Senna shoots a penetrating beam towards the target, which causes damage to anyone who is hit. Instead, allies who are hit by the ray are healed.

The last hug: Senna fires a dark mist that catches on the first target it hits. Dark fog after a short time roots the target and everyone around it.

Curse of the Black Mist: Senna is engulfed in fog and turns into a ghost. While inside the fog, it gains a bonus movement speed and no one standing outside the fog can identify it. Allies can also become ghosts by simply standing next to Senna when using this ability.

Dawning Shadow: Senna fires a global beam that breaks through the entire map. Enemies caught in the middle of the beam are damaged, while allies hit by the beam are protected for a short time.

Senna has an unpredictable style of play and requires practice to master. Her offensive animations are slow in the early game and new players can fight her. Here are some of the combinations that Senna players can use in the game for better results.

Basic poke combination: Piercing Darkness – Basic attack.

Basic business combo: Last Embrace- Basic Attack- Piercing Darkness- Basic Attack.

Combined grouping of level 6 contributions: Piercing Darkness – Basic Attack – Last Embrace – Basic Attack – Dawning Shadow – Basic Attack.

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