League of Legends Lucian build guide – best items, runes, skills, and combos

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Lucian is now available to play in League of Legends: Wild Rift. The shooter arrived at the game as part of the “Sentinel of Light” action together with Senna. Lucian has done a lot of damage in his suit and is best suited for the shoe. With effective play, Lucian is a supermobile champion who is hard to keep fighting. However, he has a steep learning curve and will take time to master it correctly.

The best build item for Luciana

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The blade of the Ruined King should in most cases be a go-to first item for Lucian. The item works perfectly with its passive and also provides better sustainability due to the inherent theft of life. This should be followed by building Statikk Shiv, as it increases both critical speed and attack speed.

When it comes to shoes, Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a clear choice for Luciana because it provides another rush of abilities. Finally, players can complete the base lineup with either Black Cleaver or Infinity Edge.

Once Lucian has his core items, the rest of the lineup depends on the situation. If your opponents have stacked armor, Mortal Reminder is a great choice because it significantly increases armor penetration. Players looking for a defensive item can build a Guardian Angel or Malmortius’ Maw.

Recommended final assembly: Blade of the Ruined King, Statikk Shiv, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Infinity Edge, Mortal Reminder and Guardian Angel.

The best runes for Lucian

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The conqueror should be the starting point for Lucian in most matches. It allows Lucian to cause damage in a short span. Brutal is a safe choice to choose from as a secondary rune option, but players with an aggressive style of play can choose a Champion instead. The remaining runes depend on the composition of the enemy team and the matches. If you are against the composition of severe damage, bone plating should be the optimal rune. On the other hand, if you need a stronger blow game and greater sustainability in the langing phase, use Adaptive Carapace instead. Both Sweet Tooth and Pack Hunter are a decent choice for the last run.

Recommended rune path: Conqueror, Brutal, Adaptive Carapace and Pack Hunter.

Skills and combos

Lucian’s abilities are as follows:

  • Lightslinger: After using any ability, Lucianov attacks another basic attack twice.
  • Piercing Light: Lucian fires a flash of light that can break through the target, dealing damage to anyone affected.
  • Ardent Blaze: Lucian shoots star-shaped light. Targets hit by the star are damaged and are briefly revealed.
  • Tireless pursuit: This ability allows Lucian to run a short distance. Each time Lucian uses his passivity, the cooldown of Relentless Persecution is reduced.
  • The Culling: Lucian quickly fired lightning fire at the target. Each screw causes damage and briefly marks the target.

Much of Lucian’s damage depends on the effective use of his passive. Threading basic attacks between each ability is an important skill that players must master while playing Lucian. Here are some of his combinations that will help players immensely during the games:

  • Basic business combo: Basic attack – Tireless pursuit – Basic attack.
  • Basic business combination 2: Penetrating light – Basic attack – Glowing flame – Basic attack – Tireless pursuit – Basic attack.
  • Level 6 contribution combination: Tireless pursuit – Basic attack – Glowing flame – Penetrating light – Basic attack – Elimination – Basic attack.

Lucian can use multiple combinations in the game. However, mastering all the skills will take some time because it is not easy to make all the combos. Players should jump into practice tool mode and become familiar with Luciano’s abilities and combos before choosing a champion in ranked matches.

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