Kratos almost didn’t return as a protagonist in the new God of War

Kratos hardly returned as the protagonist in the new God of War

When Sony Santa Monica first began engaged on a restart of God of War, crew members recommended getting rid of the protagonist of the Kratos sequence.

Kratos was the solely protagonist of God of War at the time, however many in the studio didn’t assume he ought to return for a new recreation. Game director Cory Barlog unveiled this delicacy at Gamelab Barcelona this week.

In the lecture on the stage, Barlog recalled the course of of going via all the defining traits of God of War as play and fiction. There was nothing off the desk at this stage.

“We wrote it out and we went through it point by point and we started talking about each of them and trying to identify it as, ‘If you remove it, does that mean it’s not God of War?’ ‘Barlog said.

Surprisingly, the main point of contention was Kratos himself. Some members of the team believed that his angry antihero personality simply did not belong in today’s world. “And even early discussions, individuals mentioned we needed to get rid of Kratos,” he recalled.

“So there have been a lot of individuals in the camp: ‘No extra Kratos, it is annoying, it is finished.’ ‘And I made a decision from the starting, “I was happy, I want to use it,” as a result of I wish to see if we will make a distinction with the character, see if we will take somebody that folks hate, you recognize, or wish to hate? “

Interestingly, during this process, Barlog discovered that God of War meant different things to different people. For some, Greek mythology was an integral part of the games. This was especially shocking for the director, as he thought it would limit where the team could take the new game in terms of settings and fiction.

In Barlog’s eyes, Kratos was a defining characteristic of God of War. This conversation has spread to the main elements of the game / feeling, such as the floating camera, jumping, platformer and even Blades of Chaos. A lot of it obviously changed with the new game, but the way to choose and choose what to fight for was not easy.

“And I believe it was simply that they did not actually like the character.” They wanted to see the new character, and I think they actually wanted to see it change. So it was very convincing to say, “No, no, I actually assume it is a good concept, we now have to stay to this.”

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