Kojima Productions’ next game is being announced “quite soon,” says Yoji Shinkawa

Another Kojima Productions game is announced “relatively soon,” says Yoji Shinkawa

Legendary artistic director Yoji Shinkawa has revealed that we may not have to wait long to see what Kojima Productions is waiting for.

Kojima Productions has been quite quiet since the release of Death Stranding. Although there have been some mysterious examples and rumors of failed partnerships, we are still not sure what Hideo Kojima et al. are currently working on.

But according to the studio’s artistic director and collaborator Kojima Yoji Shinkawa, the team’s next project will be announced soon. Shinkawa was interviewed Al Hub (over VGC) on a wide range of topics.

“Yes, I’m definitely doing something, and I could probably tell you that we can announce it quite soon,” Shinkawa replied when asked about another game of the studio.

Although there have been recent reports that an improved version of Death Stranding is in the works for the PS5, Shinkawa probably refers to something completely different.

We know that Kojima is interested in creating the scariest horror game. We also know that Kojima Productions has been working on a new project since at least last year.

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