Jump Force patch will allow you to skip cutscenes, improve load times

Jump Force repair permits you to skip film scenes and scale back loading time

Bandai Namco is engaged on a patch for Jump Force, which will be launched quickly.

This replace for Jump Force will be launched “in the coming days” and will embrace not solely stability fixes, but additionally some helpful options.

According to Bandai Namco“The patch will not only solve stability problems, load times and errors, but also allow you to skip cutscenes.

The patch does not have a release date at the time of printing, but is expected soon. According to the company, this is not the only fix in the works and further information about future updates will be published when available.

Jump Force was launched at this time and you can learn our evaluate on the hyperlink.

Also, if you simply choose it up, here is a take a look at the listing of jumps and unlocks, some tips about how to get began, and details about the groups.

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