Jonathan Frakes delves into the lore and mysteries surrounding PUBG’s Dinoland

Jonathan Frakes delves into the custom and mysteries surrounding PUBG Dinoland

This PUBG video explores the historical past of Dinoland and is narrated by Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The topic of this PUBG video facilities around Dinoland theme parkand contemplates the mysterious dying of Alex T-Rex’s park mascot.

Was it suicide? Or was he pushed in entrance of the practice proprietor by the park proprietor’s son? You should watch the video your self.

Dinopark, one in every of the landmarks of the Weekend map, has lately been expanded to Dinoland, and you possibly can take heed to Frakes immerse himself in the “tradition” behind the unlucky park beneath in “Mysteries Unknown.”

It is performed in an analogous spirit as the present Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which Frakes hosted in the late Nineties.

Just one thing enjoyable to your Wednesday.

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