Is Yveltal good in Pokémon Go?

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When the legendary Pokémon lands in Pokémon Go, players are wondering how it will cope with the current meta. Some elections will become routine in the Master League and others will settle in the Ultra or Great League if their CP does not reach high enough. It all matters, especially with regard to the standard reduction of statistics they receive before the official release. It’s also important how their stats mix with their set of moves. Yveltal will be released without a brilliant opportunity and with a very diverse set of moves, so we strongly recommend that you beat it in five-star raids to conquer it. But is it good?

Yveltal is a dark and flying Pokémon. It is weak against movements such as Electric, Fairy, Ice and Rock, but is resistant to attacks such as Dark, Ghost, Grass, Ground and Psychic. When used in PvP, Yveltal has a maximum CP of 3,781, attack 209, defense 158, and endurance 206. If used in PvE battles and raids, Yvetal’s attack becomes 250, defense 185, and his endurance is 246.

If you use Yveltal for PvP meetings, you want to keep it in the Master League or Master League Classic. In the standard form, you want to keep it in the classic league championship. However, if you can get enough candies and crush them to power them with XL candy, you can throw them back into the standard Master League and become one of the stronger clips of the Pokémon Go PvP scene. It’s extremely good with the number of attacks it has, a diverse set of moves, and overall weaknesses. It fits most types of Fairy, Ice or Rock attacks, but with a set of moves, it’s a little better manageable to remain a threat.

Yveltal is exceptionally good in that it is resistant to spirits, lands and psychic types and uses steel types through one of its strong charged movements, focus. It has various coverage that it can use throughout Pokémon Go, especially in the Master League. The downside is that it is weak against Fairy attacks, which will be a real showstopper. To counter this, you need a Pokémon in your team, for example, you can eliminate him by using a Jed or Steel attack.

We strongly recommend going to Yveltal as soon as it is available. It’s a Pokémon that can be used in a variety of situations, and apart from a few weaknesses, you won’t find too many Pokémon better than in the Master League or Master League Classic.

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