Is Warhammer: Vermintide 2 cross-platform?

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While Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is out for some, developers are still bringing a lot of new content into the game and it is regularly updated. Not only that, according to the sale, it will bring people who have been curious about the game for some time, but it has already been waiting for a more affordable price for their pocket.

Anyone thinking that they could play the game with friends who are on different platforms will wonder if the game supports cross-play. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support playing between groups on different platforms, so PC players can only play with PC players, Xbox players can only play with Xbox players, and so on.

This is because enemies have different values ​​of health and damage depending on the platform. For example, a PC allows for a cleaner target, enemies have a little more health to balance the difficulty and provide a more consistent experience. So cross-platform play doesn’t seem like a game could provide.

With so much additional content, there will be plenty of things for your friends as you desperately try to stop the Skaven and Chaos hordes from flooding the lands called Sigmar.

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