Is the new Nintendo Switch OLED model worth it? Should you buy?

Picture via Nintendo

Nintendo works with one of its most successful consoles ever in Switch. Since 2017, the hybrid console has proven that Nintendo still holds a strong position in the gaming industry after the hiccup, which was the Wii U. As already mentioned, many people eagerly awaited a major upgrade, but instead we are getting a Nintendo Switch OLED. Is this new iteration of the switch so significant that you should buy it?

While the Nintendo Switch OLED has some nice improvements, we honestly can’t recommend buying a new console if you already own a Nintendo Switch. Console updates include:

  • 7-inch OLED screen
  • Better audio speakers for portable playback
  • Wider rear stand for table mode
  • Integrated wired Ethernet port
  • And doubling the internal storage to 64 GB

Going down the list, the new screen is nice, but the OLED Switch will launch all the games you already own, almost exactly like your current model except for some better looking colors. The internal elements of the switch are almost the same as what we have seen so far, and according to Nintendo, the battery life will be the same compared to the basic Switch model.

Audio speakers are nothing more than a pleasant improvement in the quality of life for those who only switch Portably without headphones. The big update that was needed here was Bluetooth integration so you could connect your favorite headset.

The rear stand upgrade is about ten places below the other problems that people with the Switch have, so while it’s nice to have, do you really care? Although we cannot support this assumption, we would assume that desktop mode is the least used playback mode, although a fragile stand from the first switch needs to be addressed.

The integrated Ethernet port is probably the most important upgrade for OLED Switch, but if you wait a bit, you’ll probably find someone who only sells the docking station without having to earn $ 350. If you only care about getting an Ethernet port for your switch, you can also purchase an Ethernet adapter without the need for a new console.

Internal storage is a great update again, but if the biggest problem you have with the switch now is storage, you can purchase an SD card to give you more space.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is not as significant an update as many people had hoped for. This new model does not solve the biggest problems we have had in the last four years. Games on it will not work better, the joy-con is the same (so expect drift) and the battery does not improve.

All this is said, if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch at the moment, or for any reason need a new Switch, paying another $ 50 would be a good investment. Even if you own a Nintendo Switch Lite, we could see that the upgrade is fine if you wait for the dock model, but what you have now is more or less the same experience you will have with the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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