Is the first Battle Pass in Pokémon Unite worth it?

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Battle Passes have become the standard method for video game developers to monetize their games for good reason. The best Battle Pass will not contain any content that would give anyone an advantage on the battlefield, but it will still have desirable items that it will not get anywhere else. With a one-time payment, you can play a variety of rewards by simply playing the game. Pokémon Unite is the first Pokémon title to include a Battle Pass. Should you consider spending money on it?

The first Battle Pass in Pokémon Unite is quite sparse in content, with all sincerity. Although it has 90 levels that you can unlock after purchasing, there is not much we would recommend, it is valuable content outside of the first and last item in the Battle Pass.

No matter what rating you have when purchasing a Battle Pass, you will get a new hip-hop skin for Pikachu. Go through many levels and for Cinderacs you will be rewarded with pirate skin. Both of these skins are great, and the fact that this is the only place you can get them means that we wouldn’t blame anyone for buying a Battle Pass. This means that if you don’t get over 90 rows, you won’t get one of two valuable things.

The rest of the items in the Battle Pass are either currencies in the game, which you can get with many other methods, or basic cosmetics for your coach, which you usually won’t see in the game. If you are interested, Pikachu clothing is in the rank of 70 for your coach, but again you will usually only see it in the game menus.

The Battle Pass at Pokémon Unite costs 490 Aeos gems, which can be purchased directly from the game store for $ 7.99. This is not a terrible price for a Battle Pass, but you will have to decide if the contents of the package are worth your money and the time you have to spend.

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