Is Regirock good in Pokémon Go?

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There are several legendary Pokémon that players should follow in Pokémon Go if they want to use in lower Battle League competitions, specifically the Grand and Ultra Leagues. Regirock is one of these Pokémon, and thanks to its strong defense and robust set of moves, we highly recommend it. We have already mentioned the best set for Regirock, but what is good?

Regirock is a rock-type Pokémon. It is weak for Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water movements, but is resistant to Poison, Normal, Flying and Fire attacks. If you use Regirock in PvP, it has a maximum CP of 3,122, attack 153, defense 256 and stamina 162. If you use it in PvE battles or raid battles, it has a maximum CP of 3,530, attack 179, defense 309 and stamina 190. It has decent statistics for PvE battles, but primarily you want to focus on making Regirock a regular PvP player and using him in a battle league.

When you use Regirock in the Grand League, he has an attack of 103, a defense of 180 and a stamina of 115. This is only if you have reduced his stats to the right amount so that you can compete with other players without exceeding the 1,500 CP requirement. Defense 180 is extremely nice and thanks to good health, Regirock is the ideal choice in this competition for your final Pokémon. You want to keep it in reserve and ensure that during the battle you save all your shields for your two other Pokémon. Regirock doesn’t need them.

Another thing that makes Regirock excellent is the set of Pokémon. The ideal fast movement you want to learn is a lock, an attack that deals only one damage, but generates five energies each time it is used. It only takes one turn, which means that Regirock will rely primarily on its busy movements and can use them quite often. The best charged moves he should learn include stone blades and sharpening. Both of these attacks hit extremely hard, and if your opponent doesn’t have anything so effective against Regirock in the end, they won’t last too long.

These facts remain true in the Ultra League. Although, more Pokémon are also equally bulky and hit quite hard. Regirock can still compete with the best in this league category, but when you use it, you want to make sure you’re alert.

Regirock is an excellent Pokémon under the right circumstances. When you give him the perfect set of moves and pair him with the support team, you can expect to see good results in the Grand and Ultra League.

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