Is Rainbow Six Siege cross platform?

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has big plans with the player base, and the focal point is to merge as many groups of players as possible so that they can all kill each other in tactical shootings. Crossplay and cross-progression will come into play, but the timeline will look a little different depending on whether you’re playing on a PC or console.

Crossplay and cross-progression will arrive on the PC on June 30 this year, while they will arrive on the console in early 2022. Overall, it will look like this:

  • June 30 – Siege launches Stadia with crosssplay and cross-progression between PC, Stadia and Luna.
  • Early 2022 – Crosssplay between Xbox and PlayStation and cross-progression will be available on all platforms.

So it is roughly divided into mouse and keyboard players and controller players, which are grouped together. The difficulty of balancing the mouse and keyboard targets and aiming assistance is well documented in every game that has tried it, so Rainbow Six Siege seems to avoid this headache.

The cross-procedure will be welcome news, as it means you can jump on any platform and play with all your operators and equipment that you have already worked so hard on. There is nothing you would leave behind if you find that you are logging in to a friend’s console for a quick game or two.

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