Is Green Man Gaming a safe and legit site for game codes? answered

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Many websites have emerged over the years to meet the growing consumer demand for video game codes. And just like in any other market, there is great variability in the security and legitimacy of this site. Some marketplaces are mainly used or hosted by unverified third parties who could obtain the codes by unscrupulous means. However, other sites are much more reliable due to strict policies and standards.

Green Man Gaming is a game code showcase that began in 2010 with its current base of operations in the UK. It primarily sells computer games and software, but also includes keyboards for other consoles, such as the PlayStation and Xbox. The site has changed from relatively obscure to one of the largest game code markets, even competing with other interpretations such as GOG and Origin. It has VIP membership for frequent buyers and even its own forum.

Green Man Gaming is not only popular, but also one of the most trusted sites in the area, because it obtains its codes directly from publishers and developers. This means that, unlike many other sites that obtain them through unverified third-party sources, all GMG games come from fully verified sources. On Trust Pilot has over 19,000 reviews and 4.7 out of five overall ratings, with 80% excellent ratings and only 5% poor ratings.

Over the years, Green Man Gaming has led to only one controversy, in 2015 the company The Witcher 3. The developer and publisher of the CD Projekt Red accused the website of obtaining keys to the game through an unverified source. GMG issued a statement shortly after stating that it had been forced to use third-party codes after unsuccessful negotiations. This controversy has also resulted in a policy change in which the site now lists both the source of the game codes and the exact delivery date when pre-ordering.

Green Man Gaming is a legitimate and secure website that can be used. Thanks to partnerships with major companies and a high level of transparency, buyers know the exact source of their game keys and all revenues go back to publishers and developers.

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